Grobe's Groovin' Group News

Week of Jan 13- 17

Mock STAAR Test

Well, we survived our first round of practice tests! What I noticed is that the writing portion was very strong for the majority of our students! They used all the writing strategies that I have been teaching and did really great. Where we will be focusing is the multiple choice part of the writing test which is editing and revising.

This section provides mock writing papers and the student must find the errors in the sentences. This proved challenging for many! Rest assured that we will be hitting these skills even harder in the next few weeks.

Overall though, I was very proud of the writing pieces that the students provided!

Look At Our Calendar!


The students were introduced to their new literature circle book that they will be reading through January and into February. A calendar and their menu was stapled into their planner.

The calendar shows what pages they are to read each week. It is important for them to stay on track and not move ahead of the current week we are in. They will be given SOME class time each week to work on their menu and to read. Those days are in bold and underlined. It is ideal for the students to read their pages at home for homework and then have class time to work on menu assignments. I highly recommend it be done this way!

Please help your kiddo manage the days they are to read at home and let me know if you have any questions.