Saudi Arabia

By Caleb Falcon

Physical Geography

5 Land and Water Features:

  1. An Nafud (desert)
  2. Nejd (central plateau)
  3. Red Sea
  4. Persian Gulf
  5. Dahl (caves)
  6. Wasia (huge aquifer)

Common Physical Geography info

Biome- major biome is Desert but other prominent biomes are mountain regions and savanna.

Capitol- Riyadh

Coordinates- 24.6333 N, 46.7167 E

Relative Location- North of Yemen, on Arabian Peninsula, and borders Oman, Iraq, E.A.E, Jordan, and Kuwait.

Saudi folk music with performance

Cultural Geography

The national language of Saudi Arabia is Arabic and belongs to the Afro-Asiatic language family. Muslim is practiced in 100% of Saudi Arabia. There are no other religions practiced here. Some of the key sports in Saudi Arabia include football, basketball, handball, and cricket. Each of these sports have a national team representing Saudi Arabia. The people of Saudi Arabia wear long robes that cover there skin from the harsh sunlight and heat. Their clothes protect their skin from the harsh UV rays and occasional sand storm.

Kleeja- Saudi Arabian cardamon cookie biscuit

Economic Geoography

Saudi Arabia has an oil-based economy. Saudi Arabia owns 18% of the worlds Proven Petroleum Reserves. Saudi Arabia relies upon Petroleum sales to supports its entire economy. Saudi Arabia is on the fourth stage of Rostow's model of development because it mass produces and manufactures oil and has a high commercial base and is one of the lead producers of oil and petroleum in the world.

Political Geography

Saudi Arabia is a Monarchy government. It is a monarchy based on Islam. The government is headed by the king, who is also commander in chief of the military. The king appoints a crown prince to help him with his duties and be second in line to the thrown.
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Agricultural Geography

Saudi Arabia was not into agriculture until the last decade,when the government started to largely help in the spread of irrigation in the desert basins. Now patches of the desert are agricultural basins and mass produce wheat, dates, dairy products, eggs, fish, poultry,fruits, vegetables, and flowers to markets all around the world. The government has helped largely in the spread of irrigation and mechanization to the desert areas to create cultivatable lands.


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