Why should you opt out?

-They'll spy on your social media accounts.

(Their policy mandates schools to check students social media using hashtags such as #SBAC)

-They're a business.

(They are a bunch of business men, not educators. They have a public stock available and make money from it)

-They're allowed to sell your information.

(They state that our information is confidential unless they sell it to another company. Where is the confidentiality in that?)

-It is not mandatory.

(By federal law, no school is allowed to force students to take standardized test)

How to Opt Out

Ask your parent/guardian to write a letter to the school demanding that you will not be taking the test nor will be in the testing area. This letter must be written and signed by only your parent/guardian. By NO means write it and sign it yourself. Give this letter to any administrator or guidance. For an example of this letter send an email to or any questions regarding anything SBAC related.