World War 2

By: Zoe Jasso

World War 2

World war two was one of the biggest known wars in the united states. It all started when the attempt of a group very dumb people tried to kill someone who was very important. They tried so hard but failed every time. They had once try to roll a bomb under his carriage he was riding, and failed again. World war 2 killed thousands of men who were brave enough to go and train for battle knowing that they might not EVER get to see their families again. I think that is what a real hero is! This war lasted from 1939 to 1945. That is 6 years! That is a long time away from your family. Some women prepared for war to (As a nurse and some just to support their men in the war). Let’s prepare for war!

Prepare for War, it’s Go Time!

One of the men that went to battle was William M Freeman. He fought in 1943. Thousands of men fought in many different wars. He also fought in many different wars like other men. One battle fought was the battle of midway. The battle of midway was fought in June, 1942. The battle of midway was one of the most demanding wars. The battle of midway was very destructive in Japan. It knocked down houses and even villages. Japan’s recovery took a while. People lost their homes and some people lost their loved ones. The battle of midway was a tragedy to many people.

The battle Of River Plate

This battle started on December 13th, 1939. This battle took place in the south Atlantic. This is the battle of river plate. This battle happened on water. It was the first battle that was successful in world war 2 on water. People in this battle had fallen off of the ship and drown or died and then fell off the warship. Some ships that have drown still haven’t been found, so we might make a new discovery at any time, now.

The Battle of Berlin.

The battle of Berlin was one of the last battles of world war 2. This was fought a little bit after April and at the beginning of May. It started and ended in 1945, The last year of world war 2. There was 596,500 soldiers fighting for Germany and 1,670,000 soldiers fighting for Russia. All together there were 4,000 tanks and 113,000 people in the aircraft. Alex Popover the fifth was from the Shock Army and fought in 1945. He said that the equipment provided and used was huge, he also was there fighting and in war. I also think that the equipment was, and still, looks amazing.

World Peace, Finally.

When world war 2 was over, after 6 years, families started building their homes again, some had to bury their loved ones, and get used to the changes that had happened in their life. Children of all ages had to learn to grow up without a dad and some had to learn to adapt to their new home and environment around them.And that is hard, even for adults. Once the war ended, people could finally sit down with their kids and not have to worry about the gunshots and other things that might hurt their families any more than they already have been. This was a very tragic war, and I want to give a big thanks to the people who fought for us, even though the aren’t here to hear me say it “ Thank you!!"

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