Second Missionary Baptist Church

Homecoming Service

Who: Second Missionary Baptist Church

What: Homecoming

When: 10 November 2013 at 3:00pm

Why: To celebrate the return of previous members, to fellowship and hear God's Word!!

Teaching Channel

The site is a good visual aid resource for helping teaching in the instructional portion of the lesson. The below link is an example of the teaching tool.

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This tool site is cool. I think I would use it with my students to publish a book under the tool for writing. I think it allow students to dibble with different tools. The process of working on different tools allow students to discover what they like as well as help them with subjects they are struggling in, while provide the teachers an insight on their students.

Surf Net Kids.

The site allows you to surf the net with your kids. It allows you to find fun, educational materials and game that is beneficial for student academic improvement.


Thinking Critical


Grades 9-12

To prepare students for college and career by teaching critical thinking skills

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Vocabulary learning for ELL's students.


Extend understanding of the vocabulary found in the Gettysburg Address

Preparing Learners: Activating Prior Knowledge

The students will analyze structural, organization and arrangement of grammatical choices

Interacting with Complex Texts: Jigsaw Project

The ELL students work in groups to analyze speeches and share expertise

Purposeful Grouping for Collaboration

Student learn to share and learn from others.

Exploring Bullying: Read, Analyze, Act

The students explore bullying by dramatizing a text