Key Teacher ICT Day 2

Tuesday August 12th 2014 (Perth), 19th August (Bunbury CEO)

Welcome to Key ICT Teacher to Day 2, 2014. Facilitated by Adrian Torrese

Our day will focus mainly on two essential areas.
1. Leading your school in the area of ICT. - What are some key leadership strategies that you can utilise? You will also analyse some examples and develop you're own plan.

2. Creating a digital resource for your school that has "impact". What digital resource in your school would be effective in it's purpose and further develop the integrity of educational technology in your school? You will have time to analyse examples, plan and develop your own resource.

Catholic Education Office, Bunbury

Tuesday, Aug. 19th, 9:30am

Post office box 754 Bunbury, WA, 6230

Registration will begin at 9:00 am.
The day will commence at 9:30 am

Outline for the day....

Welcome and Prayer
Sharing Session - you as a leader ICT.
How to Motivate yourself and others.
Mental Models - Plan your leadership vision as an ICT leader.
Coaching with edu tech scenarios.
Create a Resource/Event/Tool for your school that has edu tech "impact".
Reflections on the day.

Looking forward to seeing and working with you...

It will hopefully be a reflective and rewarding day for you to further develop your identity as a leader of Educational Technology.