Who is Susan Blethen?

Teacher starts new year at BHS

My Story- becoming a teacher

I was born in 1963 in California, but I want to tell you my teaching story. In 1981 I went to the University of Oregon. I majored in Anthropology and International Studies. I wanted to work for the United Nations. I was also teaching Spanish to children to earn some extra money. My college adviser said I should think about being a teacher.......

Burlington High School

I became a teacher at BHS in 1994. I was young and nervous, but my students were welcoming. Over the years I have met many students; I am so fortunate to be a teacher at BHS. If immigrants had not moved to Vermont, I would be living somewhere else and I love my life here in Vermont - SO THANK YOU STUDENTS for making my life so wonderful!!!

How to reach me

I am always in D200. This is my classroom, but it is yours too.