Shattuck Middle School

What I am doing in school

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We are creating a newsletter for Web 2.0. This is the newsletter.

Standardized testing

We are doing a standardized test called badger testing. It takes place April 19th, 28th and the 30th.
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Fictional News

In other news Kevin Radtke has become undisputed leader of Neenah school district. Frozen yogurt is now free, the learning will be taught Matrix-style and you only have to borrow a matrix machine for school so you can go get the information downloaded and then you can have free time and there is a all school Minecraft and Terraria PVP battle(accounts will be E-mailed) on Sunday at noon.
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On Friday May 1st there is a dodgeball game. You can join a team or be a spectator. There will be food.
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A week or two ago, we were assigned the task of going on different websites and creating custom avatars. Click here to see them.
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This is not Shattuck news but my favorite website had it and the news needs to be spread. In Star Wars VII the disliked new prequel characters have not been spotted and that already makes it that much better and it appears there is a new either Sith Lord or the Jedi have been re-established. There is also a new character. Wether the character is good or bad, we all hope it is better than the prequel movies.