Are y'all feeling it?

Voting Rocks!?

Your favorite rapper is dropping a new hit tonight and we have some lyrics from the song!

"-Voting voting voting, america's youth is up to something

Pick who you think is best to run your country

your vote really matters, and we're not just buffing

Better not miss your call, get your voters registration now!

Exercise the 12th amendment (woo)

It's almost 2016, time to choose a president

Everyone has a voice, its your choice!

Where to go? There's many locations

pick up a form for registration

or go online and fill out an application

First, you need a license, then to be 18

Be a U.S. Citizen, no convicted felonies

All requirements must be met

in order to cast your vote and submit

The candidates are the people in the race

you might see them on banners all over the place

Bush, Carson, Clinton, and even Cruz

if not enough people vote for them, they will lose."-

This is very a very important topic

The voting process is very simple

1. Whether yo do early voting or actually voting on the election day, it is important to know what precinct you are in which you can find online.

2. When you arrive at your voting center you need to have an identification card with a photo on it and your voters registration card, the voting clerk will give you n access code for you to vote with.

3. You come to one of the three forms of voting (Paper ballots, Optical scans, or Direct record electronic systems) where you will them place your vote.

Simple as that! It's easy! So don't be lazy and miss your chance. Those who don't vote have no right to complain!