Gingko Newsletter

Week of November 30, 2015

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Hello Gingko Families!

This week we…

Worked on sculptures with Studio Sara. We talked about what sculptures are and how they are different from other art work we have done. Studio Sara brought in wood pieces in lots of different shapes. We talked about how to keep our sculptures balanced, chose our own pieces, and experimented. When we were done, we walked around the classroom and looked at our what our friends created.

Counted using inventory bags during Math. We each got a bag filled with Unifix cubes. We carefully poured our cubes out and organized them to make them easier to count. Once we figured out how many cubes we had, we drew that number of cubes onto a special worksheet. We also wrote the number of cubes we had on the bottom of the page. When we were done, we brought our work to a teacher who checked it with us to make sure our counting was accurate. We were so excited about doing this work! Lots of kids chose to count many bags. When we were done, we talked about the different strategies we used.

Started working on our Restaurant Study! We read a story about going out to eat and talked about times that we went out to restaurants. During writing, we wrote and drew about times we went to restaurants. During Exploration, lots of kids chose to play restaurant. Sand at the Sensory Table became cake and cookies, and the Dramatic Play area became a restaurant with waiters and a chef. We spent time as a group talking about questions we have about restaurants. We wrote the questions down, and talked about ways we can find the answers; we can ask friends, we can read books, and we can visit restaurants and talk to the people that work there. On Thursday, we walked around our neighborhood looking for restaurants. We saw so many restaurants! We noticed some restaurants were open, while some were closed. We saw tables, chairs, flowers, salt, pepper, and even a man making pizza! We walked into a couple of restaurants and got menus. We decided to add the menus to our dramatic play area. When we got back to school, we wrote down the things we saw on our walk.

Built for a whole week in the block area! Kids who chose blocks for Exploration decided to build Compass, complete with the Compass logo, a farm stand, and a garden. Kids worked so hard on this project, adding to it every day. They were so proud of what they were able to accomplish!

Met Rosie’s sister, Ali. She spent the day with us on Friday and joined us for our trip to Fort Greene Park. We were so excited to show her around this special place.

Celebrated Rafa’s birthday! Happy Birthday Rafa! And Happy Birthday Ella! (Ella’s birthday was this week, we will celebrate December birthdays soon!)

Learned the Sounds in Motion for "d" and "a." Sounds in Motion is a program developed by a speech pathologist in which your body mimics the way your mouth moves to produce a sound. We learn these motions, talk about sounds and which letter makes a particular sound. We talk about words that start with that sound, then each draw a picture of a word we chose. We put our pictures together to make Sound in Motion books that can be found in our classroom library!

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A Couple of Requests....

If you have any menus, extra aprons, or anything else that you think might help us with our restaurant study, please send them in!

If you have any connections to local restaurants, please let us know!

Thank you!

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Some Conversation Starters and Activities for This Week...

What is Sounds in Motion? Can you show me the motion for the "kuh" sound? The "ah" sound? The "d" sound?

Point out things around you or your home that start with the "d" sound.

Count things with your child at home! If you child is eating a bag of snack, have them pour out the contents, organize them and count them!

What do you want to know about restaurants?

Point out restaurants around your neighborhood, look closely into the windows and talk about what you see.

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