5 ways to make a good Impression

By Victoria Dacy

1. Have a good attitude.

Attitude is very important when you want to have a good impression on someone. Having a good attitude would be great if you're trying to get a job. If you have a bad attitude then there's more of a chance of you not getting the job. More than likely if you have a good attitude you'll get the job depending on what it is.

2. Don't dress poorly to an interview.

If you have a job interview you don't want to dress poorly. If you dress poorly then whoever you have an Interview with will think you think it's not important. The way you dress can tell a lot about yourself. To make a good impression you have to dress like it actually matters to you.

3. Proper body language.

Smile when you meet someone if you want them to like you. Body Language can tell a lot about you too. Sometimes it's a good thing but it can also be a bad thing. When trying to make a good impression be sure to make sure you smile and have a good body language.

4. Research and Prep.

If you have a job interview then make sure you do your research on that job. If you do your research you could learn what to do and what not to do. Practice what you say but don't try memorizing everything, you don't want to be boring.

5. Relax

Don't be to nervous, you're not in a court room. Relax and be yourself, or the best you can be yourself. It's good to relax when wanting to make a good impression. Don't try to hard but also don't just think it's not important.