Confident, Courteous, and Clever

Catherine Moore Barry

Catherine Moore Barry

  • she was born in 1752
  • she was the daughter of Charles and Mary Moore
  • she has nine siblings and she is the oldest of them all
  • she married Andrew Barry in 1767 at the age of 15
  • she died in 1823

Catherine's Accomplishments

  • Catherine helped General Morgan win a battle against General Cornwallis
  • With Catherine's help, General Morgan laid a trap for General Cornwallis and his men. This plan worked for him!
  • Catherine rounded up the necessary local Patriots to join General Morgan's troop

Why should you choose Catherine?

You should choose Catherine as the most important women in the Revolutionary War because without her General Morgan wouldn't have won the battle against General Cornwallis. She was a brave, bold, and brilliant part of the battle.


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