Sacramento PRAYS

Uniting people to pray in the Greater Sacramento Region.

“There is one body and one Spirit, just as also you were called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all.” - Ephesians 4:4-6

Vision for the Worship and Prayer Night at Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento

Chris Tomlin Presents Worship Night In America
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That scene in Revelation 7:9 has grabbed our hearts: people from every nation, every tribe, every people and every language, worshiping God together. We know the end of the story. What a privilege to be a part of seeing it realized every day.

We are believing-God for ten million Christ-centered multiplying disciples by the end of 2020. It’s a Kingdom-sized goal. It’s too large to accomplish ourselves. It will take the entire Body of Christ to see it fulfilled.

Envision this: believers who love God and who are making new disciples distributed in such a way around the world that every person would know someone who truly follows Jesus. In every high rise, in every neighborhood, in every village, every school, there they are--Christ followers loving more people to Jesus.

But nothing will happen apart from God’s Spirit moving in response to prayer. Let’s join together to ask Him for this bold goal. June 20, 2015, starts a countdown of 2,020 days until the end of the year 2020. Let’s take this moment to seize the opportunity before us.

You are invited to join together with believers everywhere to pray daily for
10 Million Christ-centered multiplying disciples by end of 2020

There are two steps that you can take right now.

1. Pray daily for God to move powerfully...

This simple prayer “Lord, mold our hearts to be one with Your heart. Multiply our lives through others. Mobilize laborers through our prayers and ministry efforts.” Some are praying at 20:20 (8:20pm) daily. Choose your time and pray.

2. Invite others to join you.

  • Distribute this invitation to friends, at church, small groups, etc.
  • Use your social media networks to spread the word. #pray2020 will be the identifier. On June 20, post to Facebook or tweet “I’m in” along with #pray2020.
  • Check for added information and resources on pray2020.

Worship Prayer & Healing Mandatory Training

Saturday, Aug. 29th, 9am

725 Vernon Street

Roseville, CA

Worship nights are common. Prayer nights are common. But a healing night? Where did that come from? It came from three different things the Lord has been working with us in.

Whispering of More—We have felt called to pursue the Lord in areas where He does the ministry, not us. People today crave an encounter with God and they crave His power, His touch, and His love.

Hurt—We are hurting. We have a large amount of folks suffering through life altering and life threatening diseases in addition to debilitating mental illnesses and the effects the recession has played on the economy and their ability to provide for their families. As shepherds of our local flock, we’re tired of seeing our people hurting. We believe God heals today and we believe we are partly responsible for the health of His body. Therefore we designed a night where we, as leadership and the body of Christ, lift up the hurting. We are going to bring every need before our Father in Heaven and ask, “Lord, if you are willing, may we be healed?”

Unification of the Region—We are experiencing unity within the leadership of the body of Christ in this region. God has knit our hearts together as brothers and sisters and we continue to press into Him and seek His will for the whole Sacramento region. The vision for this night of unified worship, prayer and healing is another way to come together and give glory to God as an entire body.

40 Day Fast leading up to Worship Prayer and Healing

Begins on August 11 at 12:00am and ends on September 19 at 11:59pm

How do I prepare?

  • 40 Day Fast From Distraction–Give up something for 40 days that is distracting you from what God wants in your life. This could be something sinful that the Lord wants us to break free of, or it could be something good, but focusing on it is keeping you from hearing His voice.
  • 40 Days of Intense Prayer–As we cut out things in our life that are distracting for 40 days, we are challenged to replace that time with intense prayer. That means we are to pray more and more passionately. It is also about going deeper in our relationship with Jesus. Below we have included a 40 Day Devotional on the Names of God we have prepares specifically for this purpose.
  • Every Wednesday Food Fast–Additionally we give up food every Wednesday for 40 days. Some do a full fast, some do just water, some do juice, some do an element of their diet, and some do just one meal. If Wednesdays don’t work for you and another day does, that’s fine too. Regardless of how you participate, a church-wide fast is designed to seek God’s face and deny ourselves for His glory.

Do you have a guide or devotional I could follow?

Yes. We have prepared a devotional called “Praying Through the Names of God: A 40-day Devotional”. You can download it in PDF format from the following link.

Praying Through The Names of God- A 40-Day Devotional

Regional Prayer Opportunities

Monday: Morning Prayer and Worship- Prayer and worship in the Prayer Chapel of William Jessup on Mondays from 11am-12pm. A group has been praying for the past year at Jessup and would love to have you join us if you are able to do so.

Tuesday: Jesus Culture Prayer- Every Tuesday evening at Gathering Place Church (330 Plaza Dr. Folsom). This prayer meeting is led by Jesus Culture Sacramento.

Wednesday: Sacramento Regional Prayer Call- Every Wednesday at 8:00-9:00 am

Phone: (712) 432-0232 : at the prompt enter 693785# Kindly identify yourself once you are on the line.Use 6 to mute/unmute. This prayer meeting is led by SacramentoPRAYS

Wednesday: Suite 210 Prayer- Every Wednesday morning at 11:00am at Suite 210. This prayer meeting is led by collaborative organizations.

Thursday: Moxie- Moxie begins around 7:30-9:00+ on Thursday mornings with worship, prayer and prophetic. The address is: Moxie International 3201 Swetzer Rd, Loomis, CA 95650.

Weekly: RHOP- Monday night 6-9pm - emphasis is revival

9am-1pm Tues-Thurs (10-12 set on Wed is focused on revival and the region, 10-12 on Thursday is praying for nations) 725 Vernon St, Roseville, Ca 95678.

Thank You!

THANK YOU for your love of Jesus Christ! THANK YOU for your devotion to prayer. THANK YOU for your desire and hunger to see the fullness of God manifested in our region! Hallelujah and Amen!