Reading Specialist Spring 2017

LE 1: Reading Leadership

E-tivity 1: Share a Reading Experience

  • Personalized reading activities based on student interests (Denise)
  • Continuum of Literacy Learning (Tara)
  • Visualizing lesson (Erin)
  • Daily 5 Guided Reading (Christine)
  • Cross-class student groupings based on reading needs (Carrie)
  • Levelled Literacy Intervention (intensive, small-group reading & writing support)- (Kelly)
  • Raz-kids (Andrea, Matt)
  • Pre-Referral Intervention Manual (PRIM) and technology (google read & write) to differentiate reading assessment (Kyle)
  • Reading response journals (Leslie)
  • Visualizing & point of view activity (Kay)
  • Differentiation in reading instruction & assessment through guided reading and interventions for struggling readers (Natalie)
  • Individual intensive one-on-one intervention for struggling reader focusing on targeting specific reading needs (Katie)
  • Reading Recovery (Maria)
  • Assessment as learning-checklists, success criteria (Carrie)
  • Student engagement-student-driven reading (texts and activities that were meaningful)-(Susan)

E-tivity 2-Reading Leadership

“Be the change you want to see in the world” –Mohandas Ghandi
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E-tivity 3-Leadership Styles

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e4: Case Study Mentoring

Roles of Mentor

Mentors take on 3 key roles:

1. Consultant: offering support and providing resources

2. Collaborator: creating challenge and encouraging learning

3. Coach: facilitating the teacher’s vision

Their role is non-evaluative. You offered some key ideas that would help make the mentorship successful:

· Acknowledge feelings

· Ask how I can support her?

· List her needs/what she wants to work on

· Make suggestions for starting points

· Help facilitate a meeting with Mrs. Reeves

· Focus on the positives

· Develop trust

· Provide encouragement

· Active listening

· Establish goals

· Set up regular meetings

· Collaborate (including with the resource teacher)àmodel, co-plan & co-teach

· focus on planning with the end in mind

· share assessment strategies, tools, ideas

· determine special education needs and ensure accommodations and/or modifications are in place

· establish home communication with Barry’s mother

· differentiate instruction and assessment

· arrange for in-class support with resource teacher

If you had the opportunity, what initiative(s) could you put in place to support new teachers to your school? Your school district?

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Reading Leadership

  • formal or informal
  • small, powerful practices
  • walk the talk
  • open-minded
  • respectful
  • courageous
  • promote and initiate change
  • empower others
  • best practices
  • focus on students first
  • mobilize
  • get commitment from others though their leadership vision
  • collaborate
  • decisive
  • optimistic
  • enthusiastic
  • confident