Russia and Its Neighbors

By: Shelby

2.1 Defining the Region

Russia has a very larger population. Most of the population lives in the West but it's pretty much spread out throughout the country. Russia dominates over all of it's other neighbors because of it's population. A bunch of middle age people don't want to have kids, hence why the population of kids is very small. Russia has a lot of older and middle aged people spread throughout the country. Some of the other countries surrounding Russia kind of have big populations, for explain Ukraine. Ukraine is one of the other countries that has a decent size population. All in all Russia is a pretty decent sized country with a big population and land size.

2.2 Distinctive Physical Geography

Russia contains a big chunk of forest right in the middle of the country, along with a little section of desert. Nomadic herding is big up North along with a big chunk of shifting cultivation, scattered forestry, line of grain farming in the West, and grazing and stock rearing in the SouthWest. Commerical fishing on the coastlines and Hydroelectric power is spread throughout the country. During 2014 there was a large chunk of ice that covered most of the shoreline. This hurt them drastically because they barely had any transportation when it was covered so they couldn't trade many of the goods that they had produced. Russia trades/sell a lot of oil and coal with it's neighbors because that is the way they make the money that they need. Russia has little to no farming in some places of the country. The climate is very hot in the summer and very cold and snowcapped in the winter.

2.3 Distinctive Human Geography

Russia and it's neighbors have many conflicts and problems with each other. Many of them are because of the ethnic groups and the population distribution. The population distribution is a problem because there is so many people in one area that becomes overpopulated very quickly. Many people are either born ethnic Russians or they move in from other countries and live there causing the languages and ethnic groups to be very different from each other. The languages are spread out throughout the whole country but it's only because many people have moved into the country or they just spread themselves throughout the country this would be a problem because certain people wouldn't know the certain language. Russia treated the other countries like crap a long time ago so therefore that casued a lot of people to hate on the Russians and many of the other countries are ethnic Russians.

2.4 Geographic Diversity

The Southern Cacucasus and Central Asia both have decent climates for planting fruits and other crops that they need. All three(Southern Caucasus, Central Asia, and Slavic Countries) are all struggling to create a strong economy. The Southern Caucasus has grown a little bit over the years but is still pretty bad. Central Asia and the Southern Caucasus are both still depending on Russia to get some of the goods that they have(example: oil and natural gas, crops, etc.) Slavic countries are trying to become an independent country but it hasn't worked 100% so far. All in all they all are pretty similar to each other because they aren't the perfect countries and they still have problems that they need to over come.

2.5 Contemporary Geographic Issues

Russia is basically still in world power. They trade often with other countries and trade oil and natural gas the most. In 2006 the shut off Ukraine's gas supply because Ukraine's government refused to pay higher taxes for the line. In recent years Russia has purchased significant shares of East Central European oil and gas companies because they feel the need to own a lot of gas and oil companies to try and trade it with all of it's neighbors and other countries. The Russian government has forced many oil companies to forfeit much of their investments to Russian oil and natural gas companies, often at great financial losses. The Russian government also has tried to convince China and Japan to outbid each other because they feel like they have more power over these 2 countries. Moscow has banned the import of Turkish goods and has stopped all business with Turkey because they need to take over and Turkey and Russia don't get along with each other. Moscow also banned food imports from the European Union, U.S, and many other Western countries last year(2014) because they don't want to have to deal with the trade between each other. Overall I feel like Russia is still in world power but doesn't have as much as it use to.