2015 in review

By: Aidan S

The Best Companies of 2015

  • Tesla: They have increased their sales by 55% over last year
  • Chevy: they were on of the best marketing companies because their truck sales were up for the 20th consecutive month. They achieved this in part by their advertising campaign which compared their trucks with their competition
  • Beats by Dre: They have established a reputation as being a high quality brand and they have a lot of sales
  • Best and worst products of 2015


    1. Tesla Model X
    2. i-Pad Pro

    1. Kia Sedona
    2. Windows phone

    Best Movies of 2015

    1 Star Wars: Star Wars ads were in line with the ads of the past so they were marketing based on legacy

    2 The Martian: It was marketed by being open sourced to chemists and then sold on Amazon for 99 cents

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    Top 10 Cars of 2015

    1. Tesla Model S
    2. Ford Mustang GT
    3. Corvette Stingray
    4. Honda Accord
    5. Cadillac CTS



    1 Eat more healty food

    2 Be more social

    3 Keep getting good grades