Steve McCurry

"Afghan Girl"

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Behind the Scenes

In 1984, Steve went into the school tent in Peshawar, Pakistan. He said she was shy, so he decided to approach her last. He thought her picture would be like all the rest he had already taken that day. This photo is famous because of her piercing eyes. Her face is harsh and straight, but her sea green eyes capture yours, and tell her pain and suffering. I think this portrait is studio. He saw her and knew he needed a picture. Once he got the pictures she hit the magazine cover. The editor almost took another picture, but Steve changed his mind the last second to this one. When he took the picture she was nameless. It wasn't until 17 years later that he tracked her down and finally got it. Sharbat Gula was her name, and when they were reunited her life had changed. She moved out of Pakistan because of the war, and now had three children. It was a challenging process to find her, but she remembered him. The pictures he took of her was the first time she had ever been photographed, and when they were reunited was the second.

My Thoughts

I really like this picture because of her eyes. The colors she is wearing and the background doesn't take any attention away from her eyes. They look majestic and soul sucking, like you don't want to look away. They make you want to know the story and actually look into things. It's unique because of how simple, yet interesting and alive it is. The possession of her face and facial expression show strength, but her eyes have a soft tint to them. The picture is done very well, and if I were to change one thing it would be the angle. He could have tried taking it from above so he is facing right into her and she is looking straight up. I believe Steve did an excellent capturing her personality. He got bout the outside look she has given the world, and the inner emotion that is kept behind closed doors.
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The magazine

These are the two pictures that were in contest to be printed for the National Geography. The editor really liked the right one with her hands in it, but Steve decided that the left picture was the right one.
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Her Image Now

The image on the right is of Sharbat Gula after 17 long years. Steve noticed that she aged a lot because of her life style and struggles. She is only about 27, 28, or 30 years old in this new picture. No one really knows not even her because of the lack of records held there.