Chinese Philosophies

by Casey Senter


Respect your elders! Confucius believed that humans were good in nature and thought that great rulers educated their subjects and that filial piety was important. Filial piety is another word for respect for your parents, respect for your elders, and respect for people higher than you in the social hierarchy.
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Legalism was created by Hanfeizi (a.k.a. Shi Huang Di). Legalism shared the belief that man was evil and that greed was the motive and cause of conflict. Hanfeizi made the citizens work on public projects such as the Great Wall of China and thought that the only way to keep order was to lay down a harsh government.
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Daoism was Laozi's lousy idea of a government. Lazy Laozi said that the less government there was, the more smoothly things would run and called this idea Daoism. I just call it lazy.
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Buddhism was spread from India to China via the Silk Road and was the belief that all human life is filled with suffering and sorrow, that the desire for a better life causes more suffering and sorrow, and that freeing oneself from desire will lead one to the Eight-Fold path.
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