The Confederate States of America

By: Nicole Fry

What is the confederacy?

The confederacy was basically the collection of states that seceded from the USA. The first state to secede was South Carolina, ehich left on December 20th, 1860. The other southern states began to follow early in 1861. In all, 11 states seceded. The only slave states that didn't break away were the border states; Kentucky, Missouri, Delaware, and Maryland. All of the other southern states did break away, and they formed their own country. They called their new country The Confederate States of America.

The Confederate Flag

As time passed, the confederate flag changed. It had to be motified to fit the new criteria, for example when more states seceded. When states joined the confederacy, they needed to add more white starts to the flag because they stood for the number of states. There was a lot of controversy over the meaning of the flag because some think it represents slavery therefore racism, but others think i was just a design. The flag thats shown below was the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia, but it is now thought to be the most popular confederate flag
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This is the Battle of Northern Virginia Flag.

Leaders of the Confederacy

When the union spereated, it became almost like two countries, meaning two governments, therefore two presidents. The president of the confederacy was named Jefferson Davis. He was serving in office from Feburary 22 1862- May 10 1865. He was known for his support for slavery during his time in the senate for Mississippi. Another famous person for his help in guiding the confederate army was Robert E Lee. The most feared general leading the confederacy was named Nathan Bedford Forrest, he was the most tough military leader and tended to scare a lot of soldiers.

Leading States

South Carolina was the first state to secede from the union. This did not mean it had the most military power. The south was not known for manufacturing and did not know very well how to obtain weapons. They had to find ways to mass produce guns even though they did not have many factories. The states with the most power were usually the bigger ones such as virginia. The first battle of the civil war took place in the state of Virgina.