Balboa Academy

September 4, 2015

Balboa Academy App

Dear Parents,

We are very pleased that we have launched a Balboa Academy App for your Iphone, Ipad or Android phone! This will make it so much easier for parents and students to stay connected to academic school work and activities.

The App allows you to directly access Edline from your device. Check out the RESOURCE folder and you will have access to documents that you, as a parent, will find very useful. The NOTIFICATIONS icon will also help us alert you of important messages such as school closure or important news that we want you to see as soon as possible.

The purpose of this newsletter is to introduce the App and offer some help on how to use it. We are also learning and your comments and feedback are always welcome. You can send your comments to Janet Bremer, or Katherine Reid,
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APP Survey Results

I want to stay logged into the Edline icon from the app permanently.

You cannot. That is a security set by Edline so student’s grades are not compromised.

I want to see the BELL Schedule for the MS or HS.

You can! They are both under the Resource Icon. Important documents may show up there frequently so keep watch!

I want to see teachers and parent phone numbers.

You have access to teacher’s email addresses, but for privacy purposes, cellular phones cannot be posted.

The app needs to show games and practices.

That is being done NOW. We will have a calendar for each sport. You will need to go into the calendar settings (as shown on this document) and select JUST the calendars that you want to view. Otherwise you will get so many practices and games on your app that it will be too much information!

I would like to see an app that shows every day pictures.

That you can see on the STREAM. A new picture is posted daily. For classroom pictures you need to contact your student’s teachers about them being posted on their Edline pages.

You cannot see things like the private reports.

You CAN see the private reports. Just go to the EDLINE icon, tap on it and log into Edline. The private reports will be there. You have to log in to protect the privacy of the students.

I would like to see a summary of daily assignments and homework.

Again, that can be found on your child’s teacher’s Edline Page. Tap on the Edline app and then log in.

I would like to see after school activities.

Right now we do not have those. That is a good comment and we will decide how best to do this for you.

I would like to see the transportation GPS to know where the busses are.

At this time, it is not available; however, it is a good recommendation for the school to take under consideration for future purchase.

On the HOMEPAGE I would like to be able to scroll through the NEWS rather than click on each event.

You need to go to the STREAM icon. Then you can just scroll through. The STREAM and the NEWS pull from Facebook where the pictures are posted.

I would like to see some information about the TRIBES.

Please contact our Middle School Office, 302-0032, for more information. The first TRIBES Day will be on September 16, 2015.

I want to see scores from the sporting events.

Excellent feedback. We have informed our Athletic Department and we will see how this can be incorporated into the Athletic folder.

Having Trouble with your App!

Here are a couple of troubleshooting tools you may try to use on the iPad or iPhone.

1. Tap on the settings icon in the BA. At the bottom of the list you can tap on “RESET App Defaults”.

2. Double click on the HOME Button and swipe up on the BA page that shows in the window. This process can shut down any app completely.

3. Sometimes you may have to do a HARD REBOOT of your iPad or iPhone. To do this you need to hold down at the same time your home button AND the button on the top of your ipad that you use to turn the iPad on. KEEP HOLDING down BOTH Buttons until the screen goes off, and the apple reappears, and that apple disappears. It will take several seconds. Then turn your device on.

4. Make sure you are using the REAL Balboa Academy APP. It is the one with the dragon head. If you are using the snowflake app, you will have problems as it is our older (testing) app.

5. A last resort is to totally DELETE the APP and reinstall the BA again.

Selection of Calendar for Iphone Only

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