Artemis Fowl Project

By: Halle and Makayla


Halle's Summary

Brilliant child prodigy Artemis Fowl Jr. comes from a family of billionaires. The Fowls' have a notorious past filled with legendary scams, crimes, and outright illegal workings. An incident in Russia leaves Artemis Jr. without the love and guidance of his father, along with a loss of millions of dollars. In attempt to rebuild the family fortune, Artemis is willing to go to extremes. The best option for him and his bodyguard, Butler, to get rich quick may just be on the verge of starting a cross-species war. But just how far is he willing to go?


Captain Holly Short is the only female officer in the LEPrecon police force. So the fate of female elves and sprites in LEP ride heavily on her shoulders. She is consistently forced to do better than everybody else by her boss, Commander Root, to regain respect after the dreadful Hamburg Incident. Her chance appears when a loose troll goes on the rampage. But Holly is running low on magic. Can she complete the mission?

Makayla's Summary

With the loss of his father due to a disagreement between the Russian Mafia and Artemis Fowl senior, Artemis Jr. is under the pressure of replacing a lost investment that resulted in his father going missing. With a family past of criminal activity, Artemis Jr. is taking a new prospective on their criminal past, and plans to restock is lost family fortune. As a child prodigy, everything comes easy to Artemis. But, fighting the forces of the LEPrechon unit, Artemis may be getting into a situation where he might not come out on top. His journey is on the edge of stirring up a cross species war, and possibly ruining any friendly relationship fairies and humans could possibly share.


As the first ever girl fairy in the LEPrecon unit, Captain Holly Short is continuously pushed beyond any other officers. With a known history of making mistakes, Holly is given one last shot to impress Commander Root (head officer) and save her position from being handed to another officer. With lack of magic, and the responsibility of saving human lives from a treacherous troll, Holly may underestimate the consequences her choices can result in.

Artemis Fowl Jr.

An extraordinarily smart individual, that outsmarts almost all human people. Artemis Fowl Jr. gains secretive knowledge that guides the plot of the story. His persistence is driven by the lack of presence of both money, and his dad Artemis Senior. Artemis Jr.`s criminal past, and unmeasurable abilities make him one of the only humans that portrays a true threat to The People.

Captain Holly Short

A fiery elf and great-granddaughter of Cupid, Holly Short is a stellar LEPrecon Officer and definitely not somebody to mess with. Holly was misfortunately captured by Artemis Fowl Jr, and has no trust or respect for him as a result. Holly Short has also supposedly been put on probation due to the fact that she saved Butler, Artemis' burly bodyguard, when he had been dying in the troll incident. This outcome is debated on weather it was an act of tratior, or stockholm syndrome.


Artemis Fowl Jr.'s infamous burly bodyguard. Butler was trained at a remote Switzerland academy in the art of protecting your mark, or of being a bodyguard. Known for his massive size and swift fighting ability, Butler is among the deadliest men alive. It is also said that Butler was steps from death but was saved by Captain Holly Short. He then proceeded to defeat the troll wearing antique armor in the Fowl Manor Foyer, a legendary and seemingly impossible feat.


Sister of Butler, and also an astounding body guard to Angeline Fowl. Juliet was trained at a high level Boot camp type place located in Switzerland. There she developed her passion for WWE wrestling, and became a huge threat to anyone who would dare to harm her or one of the Fowls. When the troll was attacking her and Butler, she was fortunately saved by Holly due to her innocence of hurting Holly. Juliet is a dangerous character that has fun practicing her martial arts and wrestling on random people, and is best left untouched.


The genius technology mastermind at LEP, Foaly has safeguarded all files behind his system, which will immediately crash if anybody else attempts to use it. Foaly is also paranoid that mud men can read his mind, which is why he wears a "protective" tin foil hat, even though he has 24/7 surveillance from all mud men satellites. One of this centaur's greatest feats is that he currently holds the record for number of patents! He is a technology genius, even if he has few friends.

Commander Root

Commander of the LEPrecon unit, and also Holly`s boss. Root is a tough boss, that pushes all standing officers to their tripping point. But, in the process, he teaches them strength, precision, and speed, to help them remain standing. Priorly a captain in the younger, and more fit years, Root puts himself back into the field. There, he deals with blackmail, and one of his prized officers on the line of life and death. He must make an unforgettable decision, providing the kidnappers with the asked money in return for Holly, or blue rinsing the area, and seizing all life to be found.

Mulch Diggums

This dwarf has been in jail over 40 times. He even gave up all his magic just so he could break into mud men homes and commit devious acts! Mulch has been called on by Commander Root to infiltrate Fowl Manor to find out how Artemis knows their secrets, and how Holly Short is faring. However, Mulch won't help for nothing in return. He requires a hefty price: freedom. Diggums can easily complete the mission, but what happens to him after that?


Cudgeon is the kind of fairy who will do anything as long as it helps him. He is prepared to turn traitor if he can attain a higher rank. With Root fooled, Cudgeon claws his way above him by going to the council behind his back. As a new acting commander, he puts lives in jeopardy, even one of his own captains! He does a great job of messing up, and is now awaiting trial, his followers few and far in between. Cudgeon now resides in a jail cell, with revenge against the LEP a main priority.

Angeline Fowl

Mother of Artemis Jr. and wife of Artemis Fowl. Angeline has had an extensive mental illness due to her husband`s sudden disappearance. Her illness has greatly affected her motherly bond between herself, and Artemis Jr. Angeline has formed hatred towards light, and convinced herself that she is hearing little monsters. As the story progresses, as a result of a wish that Artemis J. was given along with a costly price from Holly, Angeline was healed.


Rating: *****

I just LOVE Artemis Fowl! Eoin Colfer does a fantastic job of crafting a plot that perfectly intertwines the fate of Artemis and Holly! I absolutely loved the book- it was suspenseful, exciting, and action-packed too! I definitely recommend it for everyone, because it is SUCH a page turner; I couldn't put it down! The description is amazing, and I find myself yearning to copy the style. The characters were SO real, and I found myself feeling their pain, and cheering in their triumph! Definitely one of my favorites!

Rating: *****

Absolutely 100% love it! This is the best book I have EVER read, because the large amounts of fantasy truly brought my imagination to life. It wasn't only the fantasy though; I could not have asked for any more wonderful description. The scene where Holly was flying to the tree to do the ritual and then got kidnapped could not have been any easier to capture in my mind. Beyond that, every character in the book has such a unique personality, with no one alike. Some books have characters that are almost the same, but in Artemis Fowl each character has some similarities, but double the amount of differences. Where do I even start with the setting? It was so well planned out, and worked perfectly with every scene it was in. Also, Fowl Manor created a marvelous conflict, that supported and worked against all characters in the novel. Don't waste a second, go and read this book now. I know you guys will love it!

Rating: ****

Great book! The author does such an amazing job describing every scene. He also used great vocabulary here and there which really helped me become a better, more advanced reader. Yet, it did kind of bother me how the author forced so many characters that I never really learned a lot about them. I mean, why would he share so many character's perspectives, but then not share what kind of character they are? I loved it so much though that the author had so many details, that really got a lot deeper than some authors do. Anyone reading this review should read the book!

Rating: ****

Was a great book except for a few parts that I want to make any future readers aware of. One of my favorite parts about the book is that the author did a great job with expressing the characters' personality in many scenes of the book. For example, when Foaly was making fun of Root, and at Fowl Manor when Foaly was going through the footage real slow, it showed Root has no patience and Foaly is an upbeat, amusing character. Also, I liked that Artemis was so smart because it really challenged the LEPrecon unit to stretch beyond their abilities, and not be so over-confident about themselves. The fact that Foaly and Artemis are so smart made the book a little humorous, because they were always trying to come with something new to work against each other, while at the same time complementing each other's work. Although, I was not too happy that the whole book was completely fantasy, causing it to be a little too much, I would definitely recommend this book.

Rating: ***

This was a decent book to read. The plot of the book was so unrealistic that it totally ruined it for me. Something the author did well, is he really put himself into the same frame of mind as his characters. That caused the book to fill in deep cracks answering my questions. Going along with that, each scene was described well and he also described it from all possible characters in the room. That truly helped my comprehension of the text and envisioning the scene around me. I might suggest this book to readers.

Rating: ***

This book was on the edge of being a two, but I changed my mind due to one thing. Some of the author's choices with the book I wasn't too fond of. For example, the conflict in the book, person vs. fate, was a little too pronounced. When Holly was helping save Juliet from the troll, it just so happened that her hand landed on Butler's. Then, it just so happened that her magic went to him and saved him while she was passing out. This took was from my enjoyment of the literature. Also, the author really tried to add humor into the book that just didn't work out well. However, I loved the author's creativity with how the book would play out, and how he actually wrote it. It made the book very easy to imagine in my head , and really helped me come up with questions that I otherwise wouldn't have. This was not the best book I ever read, but not the worst. So, I would recommend this as an ok book.


Artemis Fowl was fine in my opinion, but there was no... substance. It seems just like nothing special, no wow factor. So I rate it a 3 out of 5 because, there was nothing WRONG, it just didn't bring enough oomph. The plot was no surprise, but it was kind of interesting about The People. I had fun decoding the bottom gnomish, too. The vocabulary used is high level, but it seems like Eoin Colfer is trying too hard. The characters ALWAYS completed their missing without too much fault, and that was not very interesting. I guess I would recommend this book for people who enjoy bland sci-fi.


I must say, the book is very interesting, but many parts were off. The scene towards the end, where they finally carry out their VERY FIRST plan, could have been put much, much earlier and for this reason, seemed forced; a hasty end because the author became seemingly disinterested. Moreover, the text does not depict where Angeline went, and how she left the manor. That detail is unstable. Furthermore, This Cudgeon dude is way too predictable- I mean, the author TOLD us he wasn't to be trusted! So It explicitly revealed early on that he was the "bad guy!" Contrary, the descriptive vocabulary I applaud the author for, because it is very high level and helps captivate the reader.

Rating: **

Ok book. I was not particularly fond with how the author wrote the book. Most of the scenes don't really grab my attention due to too much fantasy included in the text. Also, the characters don't really stand out to me because they don't carry much of an interesting background. But, some of the scenes, specifically the troll in the Fowl Manor scene was explained very well. It really caught my attention and easily played a very detailed "movie" of what was happening in the plot. The book included vocabulary that normally wouldn't be used to describe what he did, which really caused the book to cross the line from being really bad to okay. I probably wouldn't recommend this book, but there are many other amazing ones out there.

Rating: **

This book is not very good. It is about this obnoxious greedy kid who messes with the balance of everything. Sure, Foaly, Root, and Butler are cool, but all the characters seem 2 dimensional, ya know? It's like they don't care about their missions, and they keep helping the wrong sides! Holly- you should be aligned with your people, not your opposition! Don't bother to save someone, who, if you meet in the wrong humor, could kill you instantaneously! And Artemis! He needs to stop whining about his dad and his abundance of money to help his slightly crazy mother! The only good part about this book is that the troll scene is awesome, and Cudgeon, the so called "traitor," level headed!

Rating: *

I strongly do not recommend this book. The author chose a topic that has no possible way of portraying a real life scenario. Also, the book contains a lot of "great" humor that actually isn't funny. The author tries way to hard to relate to kids and it just doesn't work. Furthermore, I feel that multiple main plot twists were too forced, making the book better off without them. Last, Eoin Colfer sends too strong of a message saying that humans can be awful creatures and that all we do is ruin our habitat. For these reasons, I wouldn't suggest investing wasteful time in reading Artemis Fowl.


To Artemis: What's with the greed frenzy, anyway? I mean, you are, like, a millionaire already, am I right? From: generous_munchkin268

Well, generous_munchkin268, I don't mean to criticize your feeble mind, but that is a dreadful screen name that leads one to believe that you have an IQ of a doughnut. Anyway, addressing the matter you have pronounced, I have big shoes to fill. My father is-- sorry, was-- a legendary criminal mastermind, performing seamless acts of, shall we say, work. With the absence of this figure in my life, as well as my mother, whom has also left quite a gaping hole in my life, I had to resort to petty crimes to continuously support our lifestyle. In attempt to do something higher-level, I plotted this lovely series of... events.

To Holly: Are you completely INSANE? Even if you were traumatized, or whatever, why on earth would you a) Save Butler or b) Protect Artemis!? They are you CAPTORS. They are NOT on your side! From: time2getREAL

UGH! Well, I'M insulted! For starters, you know-it-all, it was an ACCIDENT that I healed Butler, got that? I would have chosen to use my magic to save myself, not put myself steps from death! Jeez! And, for your information, I had a little Stockholm syndrome, know what that is, smart-Alec? Its attachment to your captors. Anyway, that's why I thought to protect Artemis, the little wimp. And also, he has family, and don't you know it's cruel to hurt children?

To Butler: Dude, your moves are sweet! Where did you learn? Can you teach me, bro? Also, how'd you feel when you destroyed that troll? From: THEswagmaster123

No, THEswagmaster123, I cannot "teach you my moves, bro," and if you must know, I attended an elite Switzerland bodyguard academy, as noted above, in my brief biography. So no, young sir, even if you "have moves" you would not be accepted to the academy, neither could I teach you. Moving on. Upon defeating the troll, I was washed over by a wave of relief, as well as concern, due to the fact my sister was talking to herself and "watching" WWE. My accomplishment over the situation I completely credit to Captain Holly Short, however, because she saved my life with her magic, endangering hers. For that, I am in her debt.

To Root: Uhm, yeah. Root, like, I'm just SAYING, but have you ever thought of like, going to an anger management class? Because, like, you are in need of something! I mean, your face gets, like, super-super-red. So, yeah. I can show you some people... From: advice4U4evah

You've got some nerve, girl! I am NOT in need of "Anger Management," and I just have a rosy complexion! I'm not hot-tempered, I'm just, uh, SENSITIVE! Yeah, and no, I don't need recommendations of psychologists! You mud men are SO judgmental! And, just between you and me, the classes don't help. I've got stress balls but the fungus cigars are the best I've got! Happy? Now, run along and help humanity, seriously, get away from a screen!

To Juliet: What was it like when you were under the mesmer? And why did you take off your glasses, disobeying Artemis? From: curious_kitten564

Uhm, well, I took off the glasses because, you know, the flattery. It gets you absolutely everywhere! And, well, disobeying Arty- he doesn't OWN me! But, ah, I should have listened. It was the flattery Holly gave me! I swear! I can still take her in a fight, yes? Anyway, being under the mesmer is so weird! You don't even know that what you see isn't really there, its just normal for you. When Butler took me away, I was truly upset. That's the scary part.

To Cudgeon: Why did you sidestep Root to be acting commander? Why are you so against LEPrecon? Be honest! From: honest_abe794

You little meddling mud men! I didn't sidestep Root, I wanted to do what was um, in the best interest for the mission! They didn't see my vision. I mean, Julius was letting his personal life and emotions get in the way of a simple solution. I'm not against LEP, I'm an officer for goodness sake! I want The People to maximize their future, to flourish and prosper! And even though they say I'm a selfish brat, I didn't care about a council seat, I, uh, wanted what was best... for all of us.

To Artemis: Why did you wish for your mom to be treated? Wouldn't you then have to go back to school? Was it worth the amount of gold you paid? From: soccer_girl12

I made that decision because I couldn't live without her anymore, a mother is a necessity in the end.. Also, it was just so painful to watch her suffering like that. My mom is all I have left and if I had the chance to get her back, I would definitely pay anything for it, you would too I`m sure. Even though I have Butler, it is so hard to mother her, when I am just 12. I may be a genius, but I am still a child. Getting her back came with some sacrifices, but I was ready to lose anything if it meant I had a mom again. I have no regrets for giving up the amount of money I did to get her back, and it was probably one of the easiest decisions I have ever made.

To Butler: Do you enjoy being Artemis' butler? If you had a chance to step down from the position, would you? Do you have any regrets around Artemis? From: reading_nut441

To be honest, I really enjoy working with Artemis. He is an ambitious, intelligent, creative, and logical kid. Working with a person like him is a once in a lifetime chance that I would never pass up. I have never really thought about stepping down from my position. Even though it is not an option to leave, I cherish my work with Artemis and all his spontaneous "project" ideas. Artemis is family to me, and I don't know what my life would be like without him. Here and there I have my regrets, like things I didn't ask, actions I didn't step forward and do, and more. For the most part, Artemis has been honest when he feels ready, and always thinks through most possible outcomes. My work with Artemis is a time where I feel comfortable, in my place in the world, and I would never give that up.

To Angeline: What is it like to be in your position? How did you feel before Artemis wished for you to be better? From: horse_lover4ever11

Before the wish, my life was a complete blur. Any crack of light showing, boom, instantly my skull felt like it was caving in because of constant hammers banging in my head. My whole life revolved around my room, and I never came out once I was in. After my husband died, the room was the only thing I had left of him. Once he was gone, I got myself inside a bubble. The higher it floated, the farther away I was getting from overcoming my illness and loss. All this time, I was never mentally stable enough to step back and understand my new surroundings, what happened, and popping that bubble. Although I wasn't able to, there was always a part of me that recognized Artemis, but called I him something else because of the horrid hallucinations. Now that I look back on it, I could never have been more proud of the sacrifices my son made to solve my problems and get his mom back.

To Holly: How do you feel about Artemis Fowl and his peers? From: dirtbike_guy919

I have many different opinions about Artemis especially, and his friends. For starters, Artemis is a selfish, stubborn kid, and I really don't like him. He took me from my people against my will. He is way over-confident, and thinks he is the smartest kid in the world. In the future, I want nothing to do with that unforgiving, anti hearted child. On the other hand, I feel that Butler did no harm to me when I was being held captive. All he was doing was following his leader's orders. Going along with that, Juliet too was 100% innocent of hurting me. Actually, considering I put the girl under mesmer, I am the bad guy in that situation. Artemis Fowl, I could care less about, I actually wanted him to be terminated. But Juliet and Butler, I felt really bad about blue-rinsing. When I sent to check the house, and their bodies weren't there, I truly hoped that they ended up in a good place and that they get to live on in peace, unharmed by our people.