Evelyn's horse report

by Evelyn bol

Lunch time

Did you know that horses eat grass and hay.horses are vegetarians.wild horses graze for about 16 hours a day.a herd of semi-wild horses in portugal wades and swims across a wide river. all equids can swims Even foals can swim from very early days,though they keep close to protective mares.

Living long

Horses tend to live to about 30 yr.the oldest recorded horse at age 56 died in 2007.a hores can see objects clearly at short short and long.

Horse size

A Horse size is 142-163cm.the height or a horse is measured in hand,hand being the same as 10cm 4 inches.origins may go back to prehistoric times as 15,000-year-old.

Fun fact

  1. Did you know that donkeys and zebras apart of the horse family.in a marshly area of southern france called the camargur herds of white horses have run free for over 1,000 years.