Water Pollution

How it's affecting our world and how we can prevent it.

What causes water pollution?

Around half of all ocean pollution is caused by sewage and wastewater. Each year, the world generates 400 billion tons of industrial waste, much of which is pumped untreated into rivers, oceans, and other waterways.This form of environmental degradation occurs when pollutants are directly or indirectly discharged into water bodies without adequate treatment to remove harmful compounds.

What is so bad about not having water?

You may have heard before the phrase "Water is vital" , what this means is that we can't live without water. Since our bodies are 60% made out of water, the water lost needs to be continually replaced to prevent dehydration which leads to disease. Such diseases could be: Fever, heat exposure, and too much exercise, vomiting, diarrhea,increased urination due to infection, and diabetes. Most of which, (without water or treatment) can lead to death.

What do experts say about this?

Nick Mallos runs the Conservancy's Trash Free Seas program. He says plastic affects more than 600 species of marine animals.

This means that when people and/or industries release trash or chemicals in bodies of water, these reach more than 600 species who's lives are threatened and can lead to extinction.

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What can you do in your daily life to prevent water pollution?

7 Simple things in our daily lives can be done to prevent water pollution such as:

#1: Don't over-water lawns or gardens.

#2: trying to maintain shower time between 3-5 min.

#3: Run the dish or clothes washer only when you have a full load. This conserves electricity and water.

#4: Do not throw chemicals oils, paints and medicines down the sink drain or the toilet.

Reducing the amount of hot water while taking a shower

#6: Reuse water to wash different things like using the same water you used to wash your car to wash your garage.

#7: Recycle plastic to prevent it from ending up in water bodies. You can use water bottles to plant seeds and make your own greenhouse.

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