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Week 5 Wrap Up!

mark your calendars - Window Into Challenge

At the very end of our opening on Friday, I mentioned a very special event called, "Window Into Challenge", that I am organizing for November 13, 7pm. Many of you have asked for a informational meeting where you can come, bring your husband, and really start to grasp the concept of Classical Education. It is so different from modern teaching methods, and many of us feel like we've jumped in over our heads, and forgotten to take a breath!

Window Into Challenge is designed to give YOU a firm foundation of knowledge about Classical Education, take you step by step through each level of our high school (Challenge) program, and show you how the memory work we are doing will prepare our students for an excellent high school experience, which will send them to college vastly more prepared than their public schooled peers.

As you can imagine, the Classical method of education takes years to understand; it's a good thing that most of us are starting early! We are all in the 'Grammar Stage' of understanding - defining terms, and figuring out exactly what we don't know! I encourage you to come, even if your oldest is only 4 or 5. Each book you read, and each event you attend will give you more tools and a deeper understanding, as you focus your child's education each year.

This event is free and open to the public - searchable on the CC main calendar. Please use this event to invite family or interested friends, and let the Challenge Directors explain our goals and methods!

Click this link to go to our community's web page for Window Into Challenge.

Count down to picture day!

Special thanks to Ryan Taisey for speaking to us on Friday about next week's photography session! I am attaching the student form below in case you didn't get one on Friday (I ran out of copies!) Here is a condensed version of the various bits of information he gave us - hopefully this will be enough for your family to make a decision about photo packages.

  • There will be a community photo, including parents and babies. Dress however you like, but know that YOU will be photographed!
  • Packages are very reasonably priced, starting at $15. There is no 'digital only' option, except for the full CD option. The IS a 'wallets only' option. (all packages listed on the form)
  • NOT listed on the form is the classroom photo - available for $5
  • You need a form for EACH of your children - including babies. Ryan will be photographing the nursery as well.
  • Sibling photos will take place during/after lunch time, if desired (not required)
  • For families with many children, who may not want to purchase a package for each child's pose, Ryan recommends just buying one package of the sibling photos.
  • Important: Ryan does not charge us any set up fees, or location fees. If anyone chooses to NOT buy a package, I will still receive your child's photo to be included in the yearbook. As a successful wedding photographer, we are unbelievably blessed that Ryan chooses to use his skill to bless homeschooling communities!! Please, PLEASE purchase a package of photos, even the smallest one. We want to bless his kind and generous efforts, and ensure that his talents are not wasted.
  • Suggestion : For our family, once the kids became school aged and had yearly photos (which I was terrible at getting for ourselves) a school-photo became our yearly Christmas gift to grandparents and extended family.

2015 School Packages Form (please DOWNLOAD and print, if your browser does not render the image correctly. Ryan will also have copies available next week)

Weekly Community Links:

Week 5 Specific Links:

Online Extras: (use judgment for your own children)

Netflix - Magic Schoolbus - S4:E2 - Mollusks (invertebrates!)

Community Announcements:

  • Pictures on Week 6! The nursery children WILL BE INCLUDED in the group photo at the very beginning of our opening, so please keep them with you until the photo is done. This will give you a sample of the way most other communities run their childcare - drop off AFTER opening ;-)
  • Next week will be slightly chaotic with the photography needs, so please be prepared to roll with whatever adjustments need to be made! Our regular opening will start with Timeline, but the rest will most likely be replaced by the group photo, with the goal to be dismissal at 9:30, as usual.
  • Thank you to everyone who 'clipped your class' on the table at the door! All the tutors were well assisted. We have several people covering for each other next week, including some moms who usually stay in just one room. Couple that with the nursery rotation and we are likely to have gaps next week. Please 'clip your class' as you walk in the door, so everyone can spread out! You can always duck out during presentation time to see another student, as long as you come back to assist 'your' tutor with Art & Science :-D

For Week 6:

Family Presentation: Manago



Yellow:Kitchen & Bathroom

Green:Fellowship Hall Clean up (after lunch)

Blue: Playground Supervisors (12:25 - 1pm)

Purple: Nursery Help (not needed until AFTER group photo)

Student Presentation Topic: Your choice!

(topics are suggestions only, use whatever your family likes!)

Upcoming Events:

Tue, Oct 13, 10am-1pm: Pumpkin Patch Field Trip, Stocker Farms, SIGN UP!! Plan to arrive early to deal with parking, potty etc. Field trip is led by a member of the staff and will BEGIN promptly at 10am!!

Fri, Oct 16: Week 6 & Picture Day

Mon, Oct 19: The Core, Chapters 5-6

Fri, Oct 23: BREAK WEEK!!! NO SCHOOL!!

Yearbook Update!

We need to pick a theme for our yearbook! Please click HERE to see the options, then vote on your favorite! All voting must be completed by next week!

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