It's Important To:

Be able to multiply and divide decimals

It's important to be able to multiply & divide decimals. Say you were trying to get into a special class, and you needed to do very hard math. Chances are that you will have to divide and multiply decimals, whether it's an answer to a problem or not. OR you could get in this situation:

Bob had 1.43 dollars, and Joe has 23.45 , and they have to multiply their money to get a free happy meal at McDonnalds.

See? Maybe you'll need to be able to for life. Maybe you could just get in little contests. Either Way, it's important to be able to add and divide decimals.

Our last example stunk.

So, say you had $32.43 in your piggy bank (I know piggy banks are old, but that's my example) and your report card was awesome and your parents let you multiply that money, but the catch was you had to multiply it. We all want money don't we? I do. So, THAT is how you use multiplying (and dividing, but not in this example) in the real world.