the life of

bessie coleman

Bessie's life

Bessie Coleman was born in Atlanta. She walked to school every day and when she did not go to school her family picked cotton. When Bessie got older she decided she wanted to fly so she attended flight school and got a special licence called a pilots licence and she was the first African American to get one, she also went to France for pilot school but first she had to learn how to speak French so she went to French class to learn French. Then she learned to fly a plane and started being put on air shows .on one of her shows she crashed and got severely hurt. Some interesting facts about Bessie Coleman are that she was that she was the first women pilot. She also that she moved to France to pursue her dreams as a pilot. One day she took a flight and did not put on her seat belt so she could see the crowed and the next thing she knew was that she was falling and she crashed and died.

Bessie's After Life

The Day Bessie Died

On April, 30th 1926 she was 33 years old when she cashed and died because she did not were a seat belt. i was a sad day or her family