Lithium (Li)

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Lithium comes from the greek word "lithos" which means "stone". Lithium was discovered in a mineral source as of the other two common group elements, potassium and sodium which were discovered from plant sources. Lithium was discovered by a Brazilian scientist Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva towards the end of the 18th century while he was visiting Sweden.

Description & Uses & Properties

You could describe lithium as having a high reactivity level, the color being silvery/grey, and that it has a single valence shell. The classification of lithium would be metallic. Properties of lithium could include its color, which is silvery, white/grey and the density of lithium is 535 kg. Lithium is also very soft so it is easy for a knife to cut through it. The atomic number for lithium is 3, and has an atomic weight of 6.941. There are quite a few uses that lithium is used in. First lithium is sometimes used in battery anode material. secondly, it is sometimes used in the manufacture of high strength glasses and ceramics. Lastly, lithium is used in medicines, one example of a medicine is that it helps treat disorders.
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Biology and Geology

Biology is the study of living organisms, divided into many specified fields. Lithium doesn't seem to have a biological role, unless if it is swallowed. Since lithium is used in medicines, when that someone uses the medicine is only when there would be a biological role. Geology is science that deals with earths physical structures. It doesn't occur as the free metal in nature because of its high reactivity. Deposits of lithium are known to be all around the world. Lithium is also known to be minor components of igneous rocks.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that lithium is the lightest metal of all elements? Or that when lithium is thrown into fire, the color flames into a bright crimson? And that metals don't actually have to be hard? Lithium is a metal and lithium is such a soft metal that it can easily be cut with a knife. With lithium, if it has contact with your skin or eyes, it will burn.

Element Name- lithium

Symbol- Li

Atomic Number-3

Atomic Weight-6.941

Group-1, alkali metals


Color-silvery, grey/white