Summer Slim Down Challenge

Earn $100 in Cash

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Summer Slim Down Challenge Starts June 1

Dear family and friends,

The warmer temperatures mean one thing...summer is around the corner! Are you starting to dream of summer vacation, family gatherings, bathing suit season and wonder how to feel your best?

Do you want...

  • More energy?
  • To sleep better?
  • Better looking skin?
  • Kick bad eating habits?
  • To lose the weight for good?

If you answered yes to any of these questions I invite you to join the Summer Slim Down Challenge!

Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living & Beyond program provides a safe and maintainable way to get healthy and lose weight. And with nutrition products that are GMO free, vegan certified, free of gluten, dairy, whey, soy, artificial colors, artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners, you are able to help your body naturally detoxify and attain sustainable weight loss.

You WILL feel fantastic, WILL loose inches and WILL lose weight! So I invite you, if you’re interested in a free consultation and/or getting started with this remarkable health and wellness program, let’s talk! I’d be happy to set up a time to share more details and help you design a plan to meet your goals.

I have done this program and it really is fantastic! For the first time I learned how to prepare balanced meals to keep me full. I also learned how good...and bad...foods make me feel. Not only will you benefit from having me as your coach you will have access to a Facebook page with others that are doing the program, too. It's so much easier to embark on this journey with others. I will also send you recipes and other tools to ensure success.

What Can You Win?

We will be awarding $100 in CASH to the person who has the highest percentage of weight loss and the second runner up with win a FREE $50 product of his/her choice.

How Do You Sign Up?

Anyone who purchases at least 150QV in products is eligible to participate.* Our program is free--you only pay for products. You don't have to use Arbonne products to do our program but if you are anything like me you will want to have these easy buttons at your fingertips. You can create your own package or chose to purchase the Healthy Living ASVP package and save 40%. I always work with my clients to find a plan that works for them.

Let's Chat!
Don’t waste another moment wondering how you’ll get fit for summer…join us in the coming weeks and I assure you, you will feel amazing and ready to take on summer!

My phone number is 580-695-2457. Can't wait to hear from you!