By:Sarah Garner

History of the soccer cleats

  • Soccer cleats were made in the 1500. When one of Henry VIII's wifes wanted some for recreational play.
  • The first pair was let her boots with no knobby soles like they have today. They were really heavy and anckle high.
  • The first pair was about $100.

  • The new style was a slipper style shoe.
  • 6 studs were added also.

  • They added 2-4 studs on the bottom, that you could remove to make regular shoes.
  • After wwII soccer cleats became much creeper.
  • Flexible, light weight cleats were made.

The day in the life

Dear diary,

I love sports. I can't play in my royal 3 inch high heels. I asked Henry for a pair not I don't think he will make me some.

It's been about 3 months and I finally got a pair. They are cow lather with beautiful white laces. I played soccer in them yesterday. I was so happy, I didn't know what to say. I play soccer in them all the time. I started to call them my soccer cleats. I wear those more than my high heels. I signed up for a tournament and I am so nervous but, I know that my cleats will help me.

Last night was tournament, I WON! my lucky cleats helped me I won 25 pounds. I am going to spend it to upgrade my cleats. That's all for now.

How I'm connected.

Soccer cleats are the right shoe because I play soccer. I enjoy it and soccer cleats is the thing that represents me the most ( using shoes).