By: Chris Rylander


His head snapped toward me as if I had screamed at him. His eyes were brimming with tears. He looked like a deer staring into head lights. The characters facial expression shows how scared he is.

Under the streetlights I could see that it was an older red sports car with faded black racing strips on the hood. The windows were tinted and couldn't see who was driving it.This shows how the the car that was chasing Mac looked like.

He was huger than a than huge , like the human of a grizzly bear crossed with that shark from Jaws and a giant troll. This characterization shows how menacing this guy looks.


In this part of The Fourth Stall the dialogue introduces the begging of the climax. Staples as Mac in a headlock and all of Macs friends watching ready to strike. the only thing keeping them back is that Staples is calling there principal to get them in trouble for steeling his stuff.