By: Skylar Staub 6

DNA's role in biotechnology

DNA is a genetic material and controls the cells functions. DNA allows biotechnology to manipulate a cells genetic material.

How is biotechnology used in DNA testing?

DNA in biotechnology is used in things like paternity tests and forensics. DNA samples of hair, skin, and body fluids will be collected and compared using biotechnology, and can be used in forensics. DNA can establish paternity, finger prints of the mother and child and suspected father are all compared.

How is biotechnology used in the health industry in making medicine like penicillin and insulin?

Biotechnology can be used to create new drugs to treat diseases. For example insulin is produced from biotechnology by inserting the human insulin gene into a harmless E-Coli bacteria. Altering DNA in cells in a living organism to treat or a cure a disease.

How is biotechnology used in agriculture?

Biotechnology manipulates an organisms genetic material usually using genes from other species. Trying to produce desired traits such as drought tolerance. Scientists now have the ability to insert genes that give plants the ability to defend against insects and diseases.

How is biotechnology used in environmental clean-up (biomedication)?

Biotechnology is used in environmental clean-up by microbes breaking down chemicals in the environment. Sewage treatment plants save there microbial recyclers to clean up waste water before the water returns to streams, lakes, or groundwater,

What are potential negative impacts of biotechnoloy?

Potential negative impacts of biodiversity are new, development in crops and seeds will be hit with changes. threatens biodiversity, and threats to the environment. Crops will impacted because some of the crops will be genetically modified, biotechnology will also cause some harm to the environment. The harm that will be caused is, that crops and plants will not be able to defend themselves against insects. Biodiversity will become affected because ecosystems will start to die, Introducing a new genetically modified organism could mess up an entire ecosystem because some ecosystems rely on biodiversity.

Careers in biotechnology

A chemist has biotechnology in there job, because of the characteristics the job has. Chemists use their knowledge to conduct investigations of new and improved drugs for human. In Agriculture a career that has biotechnology apart of the career is, farming, farmers use biotechnology to genetically modify there crops. They also help repel insects and other diseases from the crops. A biotechnology career in genetics is a biochemist. Biochemists design and preform complex tests for the research they do, they study proteins, and DNA and RNA. A career in food science that uses biotechnology is a nutritionists. Nutritionists help people decide what foods to eat.


North Carolina's National Rank in Biotechnology

North Carolina's national rank in biotechnology is twelve. Which is a very good place to be at of all of the 50 states. The state in first place is California.