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Bad weather in Iraq cuts off oil exports on Sunday, January 13th 2013. High winds in the Gulf are keeping the ships from leaving the port. Iraq's oil exports fell to 2.34 million barrels per day in november due to rough weather. Meanwhile Iraq and US find a complex relationship. The military pullout a year ago did not end Washington's engagement. The US Embassy remains a highly visible reminder of America's ongoing interest in Iraq's future. US companies are hunting for Iraqi Oil. Aside from that, An explosive packed vehicle driven by a suicide bomber blew up outside the offices of a major Kurdish party leader, leaving 24 dead. There was no immediate claim on of responsibility. Car bombs and coordinated attacks are favorited by the al-Queda. This was Iraq's Bloodiest day in two weeks.


The main issue regarding Iran is what nuclear offer to make with the U.S. Iran has insisted on two benefits from a deal: sanctions relief an nuclear enrichment. The biggest mistake that could be made in a deal with Iran is to accommodate Iran's regional ambitions. The biggest risk is that Iran may refuse the offer, which in effect would be calling our bluff.

"The Navy's 24th floor of warships will patrol the north of the Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Aden, Bab-el-Mandeb, the Red Sea, Suez canal, and the Mediterranean Sea for three months and will even sail as far as southeastern Asian countries" Sayyari said on the 10th. Over the past few years, Iran has held several military drills to enhance the defensive capabilities of it's armed force and to test modern military tactics and equipment.

Nearly 50 Iranians headed home after being freed by Syrian rebels in a prisoner swap were stranded on Thursday the 10th by bad weather at the airport. A Syrian official said the Iranians left the Damascus Sherator hotel early Thursday.


Today,we just got informed that the U.S. Army corps of Engineers are put to work building Afghanistan. They are putting the corps of Engineers to work on this because the construction workers had, had 111 projects totaling 1.28 billion. "Constructors completed about 795 million worth of contructions,we've awarded the contacts,now we're executing our consturction program." Said army col.v vincent quarces. The U.S. soilders are interating with the people of Afghanistan.The soilders are trying to show the people that the soilders are trying to help them. During the soilders patrol,they went and ate bread and cream with Afghanistan people. Also currently in Afghanistan the weather has not been very good. Due to the bad weather,the farmers have had bad poppy crops. Since the crops werent very good,the farmers had little money this year.