Milkweed Character Comparison

Milkweed Compared to The Diary of Anne Frank

Part 1: Similarities and Differences

In the book, "Milkweed" the main characters name is Misha Pilsudski and he is living in Nazi Germany. Misha is similar to Anne from "The Diary of Anne Frank" in the way that they are both kids who have their lives changing around them because of the Germans, they both are having conflict trying to find out who they are, and they are both with people they love through the holocaust. Some things that are different between the two characters are that Misha is not hiding from the Germans and Anne is, Misha is not Jewish but to stay with his family he impersonates one while Anne is a Jew, and Misha is in direct contact with the "Jackboots" everyday while Anne only comes in contact with the Germans when they are found.

Part 2: Pivotal Action

In the book, "Milkweed" Misha Pilsudski is not known as a Jew, but a Gypsy, and he is not persecuted like his Jewish family, so when all the Jews are taken, he decides to risk his freedom to stay with them. If he had not done this, Misha would not had to have worried about the needs of his family, and would very likely have become the same thieving street rat he was before he was taken in.