Mrs. Schettone's News

May 9th-13th

Character Day Project!

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This week, students did a fantastic job working on their Character Day Project! Prior to this week, we worked together as a class to complete story maps, plot maps, character profiles, and character chats. After learning about all of those different pre-writing strategies, students started on their character day path! On Monday, students worked one-on-one with me to complete their "Character Chat" web, which required them to identify characteristics of their character! On Tuesday and Wednesday, students worked with me one-on-one to complete their "Character Outline" where they talked about their favorite part of the story, characteristics of their character, reasons that they chose their book, reasons why they like their character, and a recommendation as to why someone should read their book. On Thursday and Friday, students worked on writing their rough drafts using their outlines. Once their rough drafts were complete, I edited with them and some began to type their final copy on the computer! We have a couple more friends that need to finish their typing, but overall, we did a fantastic job working through the writing process for Character Day! Students will be bringing their speech home starting on Monday and they need to practice reading their speech every night! The speech will travel back and forth to school each day, so please remember to put it back in their folders after practicing! Such a proud teacher of all that we accomplished this week!

What Did We Do This Week??

Language Arts: A huge part of our Language Arts this week was devoted to our Character Day project! However, we did read our big book "Goldilocks and the Three Bears". Students learned the amazing words that accompanied this book and we did one vocabulary focus for the word, "cottage." We then read a different version of Goldilocks by James Marshall. Students then sequenced the different parts of the story. Students also learned three new sight words this week, "said", "what", and "was." Throughout the week, students completed word work for these three words. Students also completed their Unit 4 Test and did an awesome job!

Word Study: This week, students focused on words from the -ake family! Students completed their pre-test, word find, box activity, word sort, three word study journal activities (tic-tac-toe), and their final test. Students did a very nice job this week!

Math: This week in Math, students learned about time to the half hour! We worked with telling time with analog clocks and digital clocks! We also have been working on distinguishing time on the hour (one o'clock) and time to the half hour (one thirty). We will continue to review this concept in the coming weeks!

Science: This week, we read our latest Scholastic News, Let's Find Out about Frogs! Afterwards, students learned about the Lifecycle of a Frog! We then transitioned into learning about Butterflies and their Lifecycle!

First Grade Chicks!

Mrs. Garritt and Ms. Monteiro's First grade classes have been learning about the Lifecycle of a Chick! They have been working with a local farm to complete their chick project! A farmer visited their classes and brought an incubator and eggs and taught the students what they needed to do in order for the eggs to hatch! Students followed the directions and the other day, lots of baby chicks hatched! We were given the opportunity to go to Mrs. Garritt's room and visit the chicks! Students got to hold them and get a glimpse of the fun they will have next year!

Mystery Readers, Ms. Allen and Zavion, James' Mom and Sister!

On Friday, May 13th, James' Mom and Sister visited our classroom as Mystery Readers! They read the books "Max Found Two Sticks" and "Justin's Just Joking". They then treated us to rice krispie treats! Thank you so much for coming! We loved having you!!

Summer Camp Note from Mrs. Capotrio!

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Please visit to check out all the great things CBA camp has to offer!

Kindergarten Graduation!

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On Tuesday, June 7th, we will be celebrating our 2016 Kindergarten Graduation! Graduation will be held at 1:30pm! We have already started to get to work practicing for this amazing ceremony! After our ceremony, we will be meeting back in our classroom to share our Bare Book Projects and enjoy refreshments! A sign up genius was sent out for a couple refreshments we are asking to be donated for this event! If you would like to sign up to bring something in, please visit our sign up list: . Thank you so much in advance for your generosity!! It's going to be a great day!

Looking Ahead...

Week of May 16th-20th

Language Arts:
Character Day Writing/Reading, Max Takes the Train, I-Ready Lessons, and Bare Book Project

Word Study:
-ate family

Review of Addition, Subtraction, Time, Patterns, Money, and Skip Counting

Science: Wrap up of Butterflies and Scholastic News: Let's Find Out!

Special Events: 1st-5th Grade Spring Concert Preview Show and Field Day!


May 20th is Field Day at 1:30pm

May 25th is our Character Day

June 3rd is Donuts with Dad

June 7th is our Kindergarten Graduation at 1:30pm