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Are you ready to Jump into June and make great things happen

Minimum £70 free jewellery - qualified trunkshows in June!

Start spreading the news! It's super exciting! Host a trunkshow in June and your hostesses get a minimum of £70 of free jewellery for a qualified trunkshow. (That's £40 extra). They would usually get £30 of free jewellery (for a qualified trunkshow). Plus don't forget the usual rewards - a free sparkle bracelet AND they can shop at 40% discount (on two, three or four items).
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June Sign up Special - do you know someone who would make a great Stylist?

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It's just £169 to start-up your own business as a Stylist. For this low-risk investment (it's the price of a dress), you receive £300 worth of jewellery stock for you to choose for yourself (and worst case scenario...keep!!) . What's more if you join us in June, you also have the chance to get your initial investment back. If you sign up anytime before the end of June and sell £850 worth of jewellery (that's just two trunkshows of £425 each) in your first month as a Stylist, Stella & Dot give you your £169 initial investment back.So effectively it has cost nothing for you to start a business with us!

And, of course, don't forget, you will still get paid 25% profit on everything you sell on top of that! Truly there is NO risk! Don't overthink it. Life's too short not to face your fears and give something you are intrigued about a try.

As we have Hoopla this month - our annual two day training conference in London, we don't have a local meet up in Cheshire. But do feel free to reach out to me or your sponsor if you would like some tips, help, advice or support.

The next Cheshire Stylist Meeting is tomorrow Wednesday 8th July from 7.30pm -9.30pm upstairs at The Kingfisher Pub, Regency Way, Northwich, Cheshire - or from 7pm if you are bringing a prospective stylist. All welcome. OR to attend your nearest Stylist meet up elsewhere in the UK, Germany, the US or Ireland - please see 'Events' on the Stylist Lounge.

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Head Office has announced Double Glam Holiday Points in June for Sales and Sponsorship and Promotion. If you thought the holiday in Dubai was out of your reach then think again! As Stylists we all have the chance to earn a free luxury, all expenses paid holiday in Dubai. The earning period for the holiday is 1 February to 31 August. Track your progress by logging into your account with your email address and password and click on 'Glam Getaway- the secret to earning the trip is to Book Trunkshows, Sell as much as you can, and Sponsor and help your team to promote. And in Double Points month, you can get there twice as quickly :-) xxx

Top 10 in our Team sales


Sales in April PQV (divide by 1.2 for sales in £s)

1. Emma Hall 4,502

2. Carly Hartley 2,878

3. Laura Lovell 2,388

4. Gretta Peters 2,124.58

5.Michelle Horan 1,785.19

6. Kirsty Grosvenor 1,566.6

7. Angela Parker 1,532.14

8. Lisa Wortmann 1,765.38

9. Lyndsey Watson 1,489.9

10. Elaine Anderson 1,210.7

Welcome to the Business

Welcome to all the New Stylists (pictured below) who have joined us in May. If you are a newbie and really want to make this business work, I can't even begin to tell you how important it is to come to Hoopla on June 26-28 in Europe (Hammersmith London) or July 16-18 in Las Vegas. All the details are on the Home Page of the Stylist Lounge under 'Shine Bright Hoopla 2015'

June Trunkshow Exclusive Offers

Don't forget to offer all your customers this amazing deal for June!!! When they Spend £50 they can get all these items at 50% discount.
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Champagne Reception Party

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Weekly training

Here are the weekly training offerings from Head Office designed to help both you and your team grow your businesses and meet your goals.

Leader Call

Tuesday 5th May // 2:30pm (30min)

All details on your Leader Network

Stars and Above only

Business Blitz - free jewellery up for grabs!

Wednesday 6th May // 10.00am

(warm-up & wrap up calls 15mins)

From UK landline: 0800 229 0141

From UK mobile: 033 0336 1183

From Ireland landline: 1 800 932 466

From Ireland mobile: 014 367 697

Access Code: 908470

Become a Stylist Webinar with Leader Fiona Parry

Wednesday 6th May // 1.00pm (30min max)

UK Freephone: 0800 358 6385

UK Mobile: 0845 351 2782

Ireland Freephone: 1800 937 649

Ireland Mobile: 1890 907 630

Access code: 374 312 0107 #

Promote to Associate Stylist Call

Thursday 7th May// 10.30 am (30min)

From UK landline: 0800 229 0141

From UK mobile: 033 0336 1183

From Ireland landline: 1 800 932 466

From Ireland mobile: 014 367 697

Access code: 498979

Tips from the top with Fiona Parry: Booking to Max Sales in Summer!

Thursday 7th May // 11.00am (30min max)

From UK landline: 0800 229 0141

From UK mobile: 033 0336 1183

From Ireland landline: 1 800 932 466

From Ireland mobile: 014 367 697

Access code: 498979

Race to Star Call

Thursday 7th May // 11.30 am (30min)

From UK landline: 0800 229 0141

From UK mobile: 033 0336 1183

From Ireland landline: 1 800 932 466

From Ireland mobile: 014 367 697

Access code: 498979

Welcome call for New Stylists

What do I do NOW?

Friday 1st May // 1.00pm (15min)

UK Freephone: 0800 358 6387

UK Mobile: 0845 351 2783

Ireland Freephone: 1 800 937 650

Ireland Mobile: 1 890 907 631

Access code: 866 173 0714 #

Have a great week!

Your Field Dev Team xo

Styling with new pieces from Autumn Preview Collection

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A few of my faves!

1) Black Avalon Tote - This crisp and modern perforated tote is inspired by our unique laser

cut Avalon jewellery collection. Features a detachable pouch perfect for your keys and phone. It goes straight from work to the beach!

2) New Pave Triangle Ear Jackets - This stylish silhouette is the hottest new trend in earrings. A total of 6 unique looks. The interchangeable stud sets can be worn alone, with the pavé ear jacket, or reverse the ear jacket for a smooth shiny silver finish.

3) Crescent Necklace Silver - This reversible silver bar necklace allows you to change your look from sparkle to simple. One side contains delicate pavé detail, and the other smooth silver.

Contact me

Please feel free to give me a call, email, or message me if you would like any help with your business.

Mhari xoxo