First Kill Book Review

by Nicole Maniglia

First Kill (Slayer Chronicles #1), by Heather Brewer

First Kill is a gruesome story about this young boy named Joss McMillian. Joss witnessed his baby sister get murdered by a vampire. Joss's family heritage is part of the Slayer Society. Joss is getting older and ready to join the Slayer Society. Abraham, Joss's uncle, has Joss stay with him over the summer to train and see if he is ready to join the Society. I really enjoyed this novel, because it was very suspenseful and made you keep reading it. My favorite part of First Kill was when the slayers invaded the vampire hive, because it was very exciting and one of the main parts of the story. I would not change anything in this book because it was very good and I liked how it was written. I would recommend this book to teenagers and above. I would recommend this to people who like vampires, suspense, and dark books. Also, it would help to read The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd, as it is a spin off of the Slayer Chronicles. This book uses colloquial language and is in the perspective of a vampire slayer. The level of language makes it very easy to follow. It was a great book and I think you should read both series!

Five Adjectives that Describe this Book

• Thrilling

• Intriguing

• Adventurous

• Suspenseful

• Mysterious

Main Characters

• Joss McMillian