The 5th Grade Tattletail

Written by Ms. Balash's 5th Graders

Exciting News!

  • We are very excited to go on a field trip to Sullivan's Woods on Friday.
  • On Thursday we earned a P.J. Party!!!
  • Students are working hard to build their own classroom mailboxes.
  • Students are learning how to use Minecraft in an educational way and will be assigned tasks to complete during their recess time, if interested.
  • We are becoming leaders of our school by monitoring younger students as they show the Traeger Way.
  • 5th Graders also had the opportunity to sign up for safety patrol.
  • On Tuesday 5th Grade students are invited to attend an informational meeting about the Traeger Student Council. The meeting will be held in Ms. Balash's room.

Weekly Adventures

Reading: This week we became experts on how to write and create our own blog. To visit our blog go to: On Thursday we earned a class celebration of bringing in a cozy object to snuggle with during reading time. Our class is working to build our independent reading stamina. We are also learning how to use our schema and evidence in the text to infer what will happen next. We are continuing our book groups and enjoying the discussions we have during them.

Writing: This week we have started working on our first piece of published writing. We started to brainstorm and draft our personal narratives. We finished up the letters to our pen pals and will be sending them out on Friday.

Math: We have successfully completed our first math test as fifth graders. On Monday we will be working on a Prime Factorization project. By Tuesday we will begin Unit 2 in Everyday Math.

Science: We are developing plans to experiment with the growth of plants. We will be growing and observing Wisconsin Fast Plants for the next six weeks. We have also learned about the affect humans have on a plants environment. Finally we are determining which variables our groups will be changing to observe how it will affect the growth of our plants.