Heros of 9/11

By: Richard Brown

Events in 9/11 were very tragic. America was attacked, and it was all because of Osama bin Laden. National monuments were destroyed including a grassy field. One of the planes was Flight 93. When the planes were hijacked, the pilots lost control of their planes. The first plane hit the Pentagon. The second hit the North Tower. The third hit the South Tower. The forth plane left everyone in silence. Many people were thinking it was going to hit the White House, but it didn't.
In my chapter I read about David Lim and Sirius they where one of the first reasponders in 9/11. Lim was also at the scene in 9193 when terrorists tried to bring the towers down but failed.Sirius was Lim's partned Sirius was also a dog.When Lim was in the south tower it colapst but he sirived.Sirius however did not he was croshed in the rubble.This proves that heros come in small packiches.