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Avoca District 37

In this issue ...

  • Yes, we have school on Monday, October 14

  • Illinois Assessment of Readiness

  • Parent Teacher Conferences on October 23 & 24

  • Additional Finance & Budget Presentations on November 12 & 13

  • Intercultural Dinner on November 15

  • Board of Ed Meeting Review / Preview

Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR)

This week you received your student's IAR scores from Spring 2019. We value the information these standardized test scores can provide, and we try to remember the value has definite limits. No student's destiny is or should be determined by a single test taken on a single day. Teachers review the data to see if there are ways they can improve instruction for a single student, but more often for whole grades at a time. Patterns and trends provide the most meaningful data for our schools to use to improve. Administration did just give a report to the Board of Education on the IAR. You can see the slide show in the October 10 Board Meeting documents, accessible on this site and video will be posted shortly. I have served in some of the top districts in Illinois and I can say with confidence that our IAR performance is among the very best.

Now this is a great way to start the day ...

Our staff understands the relationship between physicality and learning. See below Olivia Kamysz as she pumps her first graders up with some active literacy to start the day!

Parent Teacher Conferences October 23 & 24

Parent Teacher Conferences are one of the most important pathways for learning about how your child's academic and social emotional learning are progressing. And the conferences are an opportunity to share with the teacher how you see and hear your child learning best. Finally, most helpful is how you can support learning progress in the home.

  • See Principal Hutchison's October 4 electronic post for sign up details at Avoca West
  • See Principal Palcer's October 1 email to parents for sign up details at Marie Murphy

Finance & Budget Presentations - November 12 & 13

While 30 very engaged parents attended our October 3 & 4 sessions on Finance and the Budget, we would love to get more feedback from parents and community members on our current financial state, including an annual operating deficit of approximately 2.5%. Therefore, we will hold two more presentation and feedback sessions on the following dates and times:

  • November 12 at 7 p.m. in The Joseph Porto Room at Marie Murphy
  • November 13 at 9 a.m. in The Joseph Porto Room at Marie Murphy

Your questions and feedback are very helpful as the Board of Education and Administration chart a path forward regarding fiscal stability.

Intercultural Dinner on November 15

Being new here, I have only heard tell of the Intercultural Dinner and Talent Show. I am excited to attend this year and I hope to see you at this event that brings people together to embrace one of our community's greatest strengths - its diversity. This year DISC (Diversity & Inclusion Sub Committee) will be looking for opportunities to build from the Intercultural Dinner to promote diversity and inclusion all year long. Stay tuned and register for the dinner today by clicking on the button below.

Board Meeting Review Preview (click here for more details)

October 10
  • IAR Report
  • Strategic Plan Report
  • Board Governance Action - Discussion
  • IASB Resolutions - Discussion
  • Avoca Center Demolition Bids - Action

October 24

  • Continuum of Services Evaluation Report
  • New Trier Middle Schools Survey Report
  • Board Governance Documents - Action
  • IASB Resolutions - Action
  • Tax Levy Hearing Date - Action