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November 13, 2015 Ms. Ronda & Ms. Lisa

A Glance into Room 325

We have had a great week learning more about Community Helpers. We have had visits from the Kansas City Fire Department (Captain Kennedy) and from a Officer Bratcher who works at Discovery MIddle School in the district. We have been learning new vocabulary and have been using it in our play during work time. We spent some time creating Shape Fire Trucks with a focus on naming shapes, writing a number on the truck, and talking about parts that are on a fire truck. We are also getting ready to work on Fingerprint Numbers (on Friday) with a focus on forming groups of fingerprints. We will be talking about how fingerprints can be used to keep kids safe. Here are some of the Desired Results Developmental Profile Indicators we used:
  • responsible conduct as a group member
  • using and understanding language (receptive and expressive)
  • shapes
  • sociodramatic play with peers
  • number sense of quantity and counting

Some Important Things We Learned This Week

We learned quite a bit about how firefighters and police officers keep us safe this week. We also learned some things that will help us keep ourselves safe, especially in emergency situations. Here are a few things that you and your child may want to discuss more fully at home.

  • Have a plan to get out of your house that you have discussed and practiced with your child.
  • Have a spot to meet outside in case of a fire.
  • Remind your child that firefighters are helpers; don't hide from them in a fire.
  • Know when to call 9-1-1. Learning numbers is really safety-related and can truly have a life or death purpose even at the preschool level.
  • It is important to learn your address, your last name, and your parents' names (beyond "Mom" and "Dad"). We were told that cell phones are not 9-1-1 enhanced and callers DO need to give an address; at the very least, it would helpful for children to be able to give their last name and parents' names in an emergency.

These are all things you can help with at home; repetition is crucial with preschoolers as they do not have to give out this information very frequently. I practiced our address with our girls when they were little every time we drove home; they were able to learn our address at 2-3 years of age. It DOES take lots of practice, but it IS important!

Parents as Teachers Hosts Board Book Drive

The LPS Parents as Teachers program is sponsoring a BOARD BOOK Drive. They are collecting donations of new or gently used board books suitable for infants and toddlers. Collection boxes are located at the LPS Early Childhood Center, 9600 NE 79 Street, Kansas City, MO 64158. More information regarding the drive may be accessed by clicking here.

Animated Alphabet

We have learned about several letters so far this year. We have met the characters that correspond with the letters P, U, O, M, X, A, D, and T. This week, we met Timmy Tiger. He likes to say /t/, and his special action is tickling. Look for the letter T around your house.

Holiday Gift Ideas to Enhance Fine Motor Skills from Ms. Nancy, our Occupational Therapist

· Hand Puppets Skill- separation of the two sides of the hand, isolated finger movements

· Magna Doodle Skill- precision grasp, eye-hand coordination

· Dressing doll with fasteners Skill- precision grasp, bilateral coordination

· Child’s cash register with coins Skill- isolated finger movements, in-hand manipulation

· Interlocking puzzles Skill- precision grasp, visual-perceptual skills

· Fishing game Skill- eye-hand coordination, shoulder strength and stability

· Beginners’ basketball hoop Skill – release, eye-hand coordination

· Child’s bowling set Skill- release, eye-hand coordination

*Tip from Handprints by Pieraccini and Vance

Looking Ahead....

  • Next week, we will continue learning about community helpers.
  • November 17th (Tuesday) from 6:30-7:30 p.m.--Parent Parliament is open to all parents. You are encouraged to attend and help with plans for our preschoolers.
  • November 25th-27th (Wednesday-Friday)--Thanksgiving Break! Enjoy time with your little pumpkins!

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