American Revolutionary Era

Florida Torres, 5th period

summary of the Road to revolution

It all started when the colonies helped the British with the French & Indian war.The colonies only helped to be free of the British. After the war the colonies expected to get something back from the British but of course the British didn't give anything back.

The proclamation of 1763

This proclamation stated that the colonies could not settle west of the Appalachian mountains.

Sugar act,1764

Set duties to the molasses and sugar imported by the colonies.

The quartering Act 1765

This act required to house the British.

stamp act 1765

This act taxed the colonial paper products.

Townshend act

Placed duties on glass,lead,tea, paints paper

The Boston massacre

The five shootings that happened that day were called the Boston massacre.

Tea Act

This act allowed the British east india company to sell directly to the colonist.

The Boston Tea party

One day the colonist disguised as indians sneaked onto the tree filled ships and dumped over 340 tea chest into Boston harbor.

The intolerable Acts

This acts were to punish Boston for the Boston tea party.

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lexington & concord , 1775

1. The battle only lasted a couple of minutes.

2.The captain for the american colonies was John Parker.

3.After the fight the British discovered that Hancock & Adams had escaped.

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common sense, January of 1776

1.47- page pamphlet that was shared in Philadelphia in 1776.

2.The pamphlet says that citizens not kings/queens should make laws.

3.They sold over 500,000 copies of it

4.Paine's common sense change the way people think about their kings and queens.

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declaration of independence,1776

1. Benjamin franklin was the original writer

2. The document argued that the right of being born could not be taken away.

3. This act broke all connections with the British and the U.S.A was born.

4. This document was approved by the continental congress on July 4, 1776

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battle of saratoga,1777

1.First battle that the colonial army won.

2.The British post-pone their plan and where caught off guard

3.The battle was located in New York city.

4. The triumph helped Benjamin Franklin persuade the French into give the colonial army supplies.

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winter at valley forge ,1777-1778

1. The first problem that they face was feeding all 12,000 troops.

2. The second problem they face was threats to their leader from their own officers

3. Many people died because of nasty disease like pneumonia.

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Battle of Yorktown,1781

1. At this battle 8,000 British troops were forced to surrender.

2. Last major battle

3. When the British government learned that the colonial army defeated the British army they decided that it was best to surrender.

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Treaty of paris,1783

1. The treaty of Paris ended the American revolution war

2. The fist term of the treaty was that the British had to recognize the independence of the colonies.

3. The second term of the treaty was that the British had to remove all of the troops from the colonies.

4. The third term of the treaty was that the new boundary of America is the Misisipi river.

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