Road to perseverence

By Josiah Kwon, May 2016

Personal Definition of Perseverence

To not be afraid to fail in front of others; to keep trying even after multiple failures and not get the difficulties get through.

Sandy Road (Description)

Once upon a time there were Merchants living in a small village, the Merchants had big ambitions to sell many of their items. Since the Merchants had so much stuff they wanted to sell their supplies to another village for a large profit. However, the only way to the other village is to venture into the large desert. Since, they were so dedicated to selling their things for a profit .The Merchants got prepared to cross the desert with a lot of water, food and they also had an oxen. One of the Merchant guided the way through the desert using the stars. After a while, walking through the desert they got too confident. So, ate and drank most of their water and food, and they also gave it to the oxen. Also the Merchants slept that night instead of walking. Once it was morning the Merchants were needing food and water. However, they kept walking, but there was another problem. The Merchant who was keeping track on where to go made an mistake and they were going the wrong way. They were starving and dehydrated, the Merchants searched for something they can drink. Suddenly, the Merchants saw something in the distance, it was an oasis. They found grass and trees near the oasis. However, there was no water, but there was a huge boulder. The Merchants started to think, then they thought to break the boulder to get to a water supply below it. Then they started to breakdown the rock with their last of their strength and with the help of another person.Then the rock broke then there was water under it. The water gave enough energy so the Merchants can go through to desert. Finally, the Merchants traded with the other village. Once they had traded their items they have made an huge profit and made a lot of money. After, the Merchants got supplies and went home through the desert again.

Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg (Chronological Order)

First, when Nadja was young she played the violin. She could play hard songs with ease. Nadja kept practicing the violin. However, when Nadja grew up she realized how hard the songs she was playing were, then after noticing this she lowered her self-esteem. She also lowered her self-esteem because the other students said that the notes Nadja was playing was hard. Then, Nadja yielded on playing the violin for a couple months. Then, her instructor got mad at Nadja because she didn't bring her violin to practice. Her instructor said that if Nadja didn't bring her violin shes going to be kicked out. After, Nadja found out there was an international violin contest, so Nadja decided to give the contest a shot. However, since Nadja hasn't been playing the violin has much as before Nadja has to practice the violin before the contest. There was another problem Nadja lives in a apartment only eating and drinking sausages and sodas, this made Nadja unhealthy. While Nadja was cooking up some sausages she accidentally set her apartment on fire. Then, she found out that her phone from her house was okay, she got a call and Nadja was accepted to be in the contest. After, Nadja found out that she was broke, she had no money. She needed a shot in her arm and while Nadja was somewhere her moped blew up. Nadja was also late on her rent and the landowner evicted her. Then, Nadja went to the contest to play for the semi-finals. After, Nadja was really worried that if she was going to have to play again because there might be ties, she was worried because Nadja thought she wouldn't be able to play the piece she played again. Finally, despite all of Nadja's struggle she was able to win the contest, winning three thousand dollars. At the end, Nadja is an famous violinist who plays around the world and is popular among people.

Maury Wills (Problem Solution)

Maury Wills was a low ranked baseball player who couldn't hit the ball that well. Wills played under the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Some of Maury Will's problem were that he couldn't hit the ball and even if he could hit the ball it wouldn't go far. Maury Will solved this problem by training and practicing hitting the ball for many years. He also had his friend who helped him and encouraged him to hit the ball. Another problem that Will had was his rank was low in baseball, so he also had an low salary and he could barley support his family. Wills solved this problem by training to become better, then Wills played a game and he broke many records when he hit the ball this raised his position while also raising his pay. The raise in pay made Wills able to support his family. The Final problem that Wills had was Wills received racial and physical harassment from others while in the segregated neighborhood this also caused him to have a lot of pressure. The solution to Wills problem was after he broke records and got reputation. Many people saw Wills in a different way, people didn't assault him, but people wanted to be like him. After being popular Wills was able to muster determination to play.

Eleanor Roosevelt and Winston Churchill (Compare and Contrast)

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Jackie Robinson (Cause and effect)

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Jackie Robinson

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Lesson Learned from Perseverence

The lessons can be learned from the perseverance. One is, even if someone doesn't like it or if its too hard, they should still give it an 100% anyways and maybe they can succeed. It can also teach how if they don't try or take risks somethings may not be accomplished and if they do persevere they may make things better for that person or everyone around. Even if it looks impossible there's always a way to make it happen, it may be difficult. Never be overwhelmed, look past big problems resolve smaller problems and that probably can solve the bigger problem. All this can be used in today's world.


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