Liberty Memorial

By Wyatt cotter


When I went to Liberty Memorial I was really excited when I saw the big buildings. The building is a tall stone circle tower with more little circle towers.It symbolizes honor, courage,patriotism,sacrifice and it represents the World War 1 veterans. In this essay, the Liberty Memorial's history,meaning, and the landmark today will be discussed.


Liberty Memorial is important because of its history. It is located in Kansas City, Missouri. The creator is Harold van barren magonigle. It was created 89 years ago. The Liberty Memorial was built to honor the veteran soldiers.


Linerty Memorial is important because of meaning. Liberty Memorial symbolizes honor,courage,patriotism,sacrifice. It represent the Soldiers who fought in World War 1. It was inspired by world war 1. World war 1 was the biggest war. It affected us to pray for all of our soldiers.

Landmark today

Liberty Memorial is still an important landmarktoday. It is a tall stone circler tower with anther little towers around it. They think of the Liberty Memorial inspecting to see what they used in WW1. We go and see the museum and to honor our veteran soldiers.


Liberty Memorial symbolize's the World War 1 and are veteran soldiers.