Spring is in the air!

March is where we get things rolling... I see so much potential for a HUGE spring for all of us! Congrats to everyone who reached their March goals!

Top in sales!

Rachel Schwemmer $15,697

Kelly Smith $3858

Christen D'Itri $3230

Stacey Devlin $2804

Leslie Herrion $2788

Audrey Ferreira $2749

Amy Mallory $1598

Ann Molesky $1598

Lindsay Fritz $1579

Amy Broadwater $1569

Jennifer Wolfe $1469

Courtney Vadnais $1428

Sherry Willard $1159

Amy Hartman $1025

You grew your team!

Chris Corcoran 1

Lisa Moore 1

It's a new month..April is the month to shine!

I love the beginning of the month and a clean slate. There is so much potential! There is SO much going on in April~ a new summer collection, Autism Awareness, and a new stylist sign up special. This is the month to go for it! Reach outside of your comfort zone and share your love for this amazing company and product!

The more people you connect with, the stronger your business will be. We know this is a number game, are you reaching out to enough people? Let me know if you'd like to brainstorm growing your business.

I challenge you to reach out to 5 people a day for 5 days and share your results. When you plant seeds some of them WILL grow!!!

Steel City Dots

Rachel Schwemmer, Director