Hurricane Hazel

Important Facts about Hurricane Hazel

By T'Keyah Bailey

Hurricane Hazel

Hurricane Hazel was one of the deadliest Hurricanes of 1954 of Atlantic Hurricane Season. This storm alone killed nearly 1,000 people in Haiti before coming near the U.S border. Hurricane Hazel was a category 4 Hurricane, Hurricane Hazel developed on October 18,1954 Hurricane Hazel had affected these areas Puerto Rico, Eastern United States, North Carolina etc.

Tropical Date/Hurricane Date/Land Date

October 5,1954

October 18,1954

October 15,1954


Location (Longitude/Latitude)

Hurricane Hazel location Happened in Ontario especially in Toronto.

Hurricane Hazel Longitude/Latitude was centered at 5 pm EST 2200E at a latitude 13.7 North Longitude 70.4 West or about 150 miles northwest Curacao.

Location(body of water)


Maximum Wind Speeds

Hurricane Hazel set the highest wind speed which still stands at 78 mph with a gust to 98 mph at Washington National Airport.
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Central Pressure

The Central Pressure was at 700-millibar pressure level.

Highest Storm Tide

The highest tide was at 100 mph
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Total Rainfall Amount

300 million tons of water fell during the Storm.

casualties (damage)/Damage(dollars)

  • There were 81 deaths
  • Theres 1 billion dollars in damage to cover

Satellite Pictures

Hurricane Path Pictures

Picture Of Man Made Destruction

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