Harriet Tubman

By: Sumaya Salem

Harriet's early Life.

  • Harriet Tuba's actual name was Araminta Ross.
  • She had 11 siblings.
  • Harriet's parents were slaves in Maryland, so she was born a slave.
  • She took care of small babies and if she slept during the night the baby would cry, and Ross (Harriet) would get whipped by the mom.
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Harriet and Slavery

  • Harriet was planning from a very young age to gain her freedom.
  • In 1844 she got married to a free black man, his name was John Tubman.
  • When she got married she took her husband's last name and her first name from Rosa to Harriet.
  • she asked her husband to runaway and find a shelter in another place with her but he refused, she took her 2 brothers they went but afterwords they were scared and turned back.
  • she became famous for being a " conductor " on Underground Railroad during the 1850's.
  • After th