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What's the Biggest Lie You Ever Told Your Mom?


An easy and neat floating book case!

Money Matters

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The Best Time of Year to Buy Things!

January: New sheets

February: Winter clothes and coats

March: Small electronics

April: Cookware and other household items

May: Yard sales and thrift stores! (Spring cleaning)

June: Gym membership deals

July: Shop the 4th of July sales!

August: Summer gear and clothing

September: Back to school deals and computers

October: Last year's model of home appliances

November: Shop holiday deals

December: Next year's wrapping paper, ornaments etc. (after Christmas Day)

Fitness Focus

A Quick Workout

Need to get in a workout, but you don't have a lot
of time or equipment? As long as you've got about 20 minutes and 40-60
yards of flat ground (although a hill is even
better), you can get a great workout in almost no

After a thorough warm-up, start a timer, and just
sprint whatever distance you've set up. Like I
said, somewhere between 40-60 yards is about
perfect. Walk back to the starting line, and immediately
sprint the distance again. Keep repeating until
the timer stops.

Not sure how long you should set the timer for?

Beginners: 8-10 minutes
Intermediate: 12-15 minutes
Advanced: 18-20

If that 18-20 time frame ever gets too easy, just
increase the distance of the sprint (but no more

than 100 yards), or try jogging back instead of walking.

Make sure to stretch when you're done!


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