Come to Texas

Aiden Escamila

G.T.T Yet?

Hurry and come to Texas while you still can! Leave that G.T.T on your door and come get over 4,428 acres of land!


Texas has:
Fertile soil,for good farming
Rolling prairies,for big farms and cattle
Plenty of trees,for lumber
Enough land to mine,
Mild temperatures,

Healthy plants,

But most of all,Texas has cheap land

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Land Policies

If you plan on farming the Mexican government will let you get up to 177 acres of land! If you plan on raising cattle the government will let you have 4,428 acres of land! So much land,and all you have to do is follow three simple rules

Three Colonization Requirements

  1. Follow the laws
  2. Become catholic
  3. Become a Mexican citizen
That is all you have to do to get cheap land.

Land Cost

With only 12.5 cents per acre, come to Texas and escape you U.S debt.Even better, you can pay off for the acres over several years.


Now with hundreds of families coming in hurry to Texas to get you cheap land today!