Message from the Principal

There is really nothing more encouraging than looking out into a gym full of parents at a school's Open House. Our Open House on 8/28 was packed with involved parents and guardians who were very committed to learning more about their child's school. If you missed the Open House, please go to our webpage and view the powerpoint which is linked on that webpage. Some important information was shared with all at Open House.

As your child’s first teacher, it is important to help us give your son or daughter the best education ever. Communication is vital between the home and the school. Much of the information coming your way will be electronic in the form of email, tweets, texts and Facebook posts. Individual teachers should have mentioned the best way to reach them when they met you during our annual Open House. If not, please reach out to your child’s homeroom teacher to find out how you can help keep the lines of communication open and understandable.

Please take the time and effort to read these monthly newsletters. Some information is only posted in these newsletters and you don’t want to miss out!

Lastly, I have to give special thanks to all the teachers, staff members, parents, and PTC members who helped get this school year up and running so efficiently. This community of learners, educators and role models continues to amaze me and reminds me how lucky I am to serve as your principal. It's going to be a great year!

Respectfully yours,

Mrs. Lynn Fisher

Morning Meetings

This year at Indian Grove, homeroom teachers are starting each day with a morning meeting in the homeroom. We have blocked about 20 minutes each morning where there are no interruptions, specials, services or activities outside of the homerooms. Teachers should make sure their students go through the four parts of a morning meeting: greeting, sharing, activity and an academic message. These meetings are designed to build positive relationships between teachers and their students as well as students to students. Without a positive feeling in a child's classroom, learning cannot take place. The social-emotional side of a child is of the utmost importance for EVERYBODY working in a school or raising a child. We are hopeful that morning meeting time will help build awesome classroom communities at Indian Grove and beyond!

Check Out the Poster Contest!

Every year we have students submit a poster for the Mt. Prospect Fire Department's poster contest. Almost every time, there is a winner in the village from Indian Grove School. These posters send a positive message about Fire Prevention and also showcase a child's creativity. There is information about entering this contest at the end of this newsletter. We value the relationship with community organizations such as the Fire Department. By entering this contest, students are discovering another way to become a productive citizen in the village of Mt. Prospect.


Monday - Sept 2 - No School - Labor Day (all buildings closed)

Tuesday - Sept 3 - Board Meeting 7:00 PM at RTMS

Thursday - Sept 5 - Late Arrival 9:20 AM

Wednesday - Sept 11 - Indian Grove Picture Day

-PTC Meeting 7:00 PM in the Lunchroom

Thursday - Sept 12 - Late Arrival 9:20 AM

-PTC Monet Night 7:00 PM

Friday - Sept 13 - 1st Grade Purple Asparagus Program during the day

Monday, Sept 16 - PTC meeting for anyone interested in volunteering, 7 PM

Tuesday - Sept 17 - Board Meeting 7:00 PM at RTMS

Thursday - Sept 19 - Late Arrival 9:20 AM

Wednesday - Sept 25 - 3rd Grade Grover Night- 6:30 PM

Thursday - Sept 26 - Late Arrival 9:20 AM

Monday - Sept 30 - Non-Attendance Day (All Buildings Closed)

Tuesday, October 1 - Board of Education Meeting @ 6:30 pm - Indian Grove. Come voice your feelings on the future of our district!


River Trails SD26 (Euclid, Indian Grove, RTMS and the Early Learning Center) is changing how we text. You must say YES to receive our texts.

You will get a text that needs your approval to continue to get texts from River Trails SD26 Please reply “YES” to the text message.

All new RTSD26 text messages will come from 87569.

If you don’t reply yes, then you will no longer be receiving any text messages from River Trails SD26

Entrance to the School

Visitors must STOP IN THE OFFICE TO SIGN IN BETWEEN 7:50 AM & 4:15 PM. All doors into the school will be locked at all times including the main entrance. Visitors can be allowed in by buzzing the office outside of Door #1. This policy is not intended to discourage parents from visiting Indian Grove School, but it is simply intended to provide an additional measure of safety and security for our children. Please do not drop children off before 8:20 a.m. There is no adult supervision until 8:20 a.m. Also, if you need to drop off anything to your child after 8:40 AM, bring it to the office for delivery. Please DO NOT bring it to the room yourself. The front door will be locked by 4:30 PM each day. If you or your child needs to pick up a forgotten item, please do so before 4:30 PM.

Late Arrival Every Thursday

There is a block of time each week designed to be used for professional development for staff members. By allowing for a consistent amount of time set aside for training, we are making certain that our teachers remain highly trained in educational best practices and ensure that our students receive the very best education possible.

Only the start times for the student day are affected, the dismissal times remain unchanged. This means that students still receive the same amount of instructional time each week.

Indian Grove Student Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday - 8:35 AM - 3:30 PM (late bell rings at 8:40 AM). Students may be dropped off between 8:20 – 8:35 AM.

Thursday - 9:25 AM - 3:30 PM (late bell will ring at 9:30 AM). Students may be dropped off between 9:10 – 9:25 AM.

Dismissal Procedures

Children who walk or are picked up by parents on foot will leave by way of the north playground by door #14. Bus riders will leave by way of the main door (#1) by our office. Children who are being picked up in a vehicle will leave by the south door #6 by the kindergarten classrooms.

Indian Grove’s south parking lot has four visitor parking spaces. These are the spaces to the left when entering the lot. There are signs clearly marking the area. THESE SPACES ARE NOT TO BE USED FOR DROPPING OFF OR PICKING UP STUDENTS before and after school. These spaces are for visitors who are coming into the school for an appointment, sick child, meeting, volunteer time, etc. The rest of the spaces are reserved for staff. THERE IS NO FOOT TRAFFIC ALLOWED IN THE PARKING LOT BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL.

After School Activities

After school clubs and activities begin the week of September 2nd. We have an activity bus which leaves school around 4:20 pm every day except Fridays. You do NOT have to be a bus ride to take this activity bus home after a club or activity ends at 4:15.

Please remember that these after school clubs and activities are a privilege. Any student who does not follow our LIFE RULES while in these after school activities, will be removed from that after school activity and possibly further after school activities.

Visor Sign for Pick Up Vehicles

Every vehicle picking up a student should have a gold sign hanging from their visor or rearview mirror. On this sign is the child’s name. When this is visible to staff by Door #6, they are able to bring your child to your vehicle more quickly and safely. If you need a sign for your vehicle, please stop by our school office. They are free of charge.

Absence and Return to School Guidelines

Please keep the following in mind when deciding whether or not your child should go to school if they are or have recently been ill.

In an effort to help prevent the spread of illness, we ask that you keep your child home if he/she has suffered from any of the following within the last 24 hours:

• Fever of 100 degrees or higher
• Vomiting
• Sore throat with a fever
• Persistent cough
• Diarrhea (three or more episodes in last 24 hours)
• Rash or open sores

• They should be fever free (without medication) and feeling well for a minimum of 24

Please notify the school immediately if your child has been diagnosed with an infectious condition such as strep throat, conjunctivitis, chicken pox, pertussis, mono, etc.

Thank you for understanding that the health of our students and staff is of the utmost importance.


Please mark your calendars for the monthly Purple Asparagus program. Once a month, on Friday, the 1st graders will learn about nutrition and healthy eating. The dates and topics of each Purple Asparagus class during the year are:

· September 13 – Apples

· October 18 – Squash

· November 15 – Cranberries

· December 13 – Oranges

· January 10 - Chocolate

· February 14 – Beans

· March 13 – Roots

· April 17 – Herbs

· May 15 – Berries

Want to Work at IG?

Lunchroom- Playground Supervisor and Subs Needed!

If you are willing to work 3 hours a day as a lunchroom or playground supervisor or sub for this position, please contact the principal at lfisher@rtsd26.com. We have employees who do this job daily and there is still one position open. There are also times when they are ill and cannot work. There is very little training, you must be firm but friendly and you must love working with children. Values of​ respect and responsibility​ are also a must for this position.

Interested applicants must go through our district hiring procedures including securing a physical, a background check and online application. Feel free to apply online at ​www.rtsd26.org​ on Human Resources page in the District Office category within the District Info tab. It’s a great way to be involved with the school and get paid for doing it!

School Absences

Remember to call the office when your child is absent from school. Calls can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to our attendance line. Just dial 874.298.1976 and press 1. By doing this before the school day starts, it saves our staff time in trying to find out if a child is present that day. Excused absences are given for illness, doctor visits and family emergencies. All other absences are considered unexcused.

New Staff at Indian Grove

The following staff members are starting this year as a new member of the Indian Grove School teaching and learning community:

Ellie Begg - 1st grade teacher

Jennifer Benson - Special services

Amy Ferguson - EL and RTI teacher

April Gibas - Instructional assistant

Josephine Maltese - Lunchroom/Playground worker

Chris McLaughlin -Instructional assistant

Staci Naegele - Kindergarten teacher

Rolando Oliva - Lunchroom/Playground worker

Chris McLaughlin -Instructional assistant

Mackenzie Till - 3rd grade teacher

Kathryn Zak-Instructional assistant


  • All KINDERGARTEN students and new students to Illinois schools require a physical exam. no later than October 15th. Students who do not have a physical by this date WILL NOT be allowed back at school form for this exam that your pediatrician must complete.

  • With so much information shared electronically via email, voicemail, fax, web pages, etc., the amount of copy paper we use at our school decreases each school year. In order to keep up the “green” movement and decrease paper waste, ALL HANDOUT, BULLETINS, LETTERS, ETC., WILL EITHER BE E-MAILED TO PARENTS/GUARDIANS OR POSTED ON OUR INDIAN GROVE MAIN WEB PAGE.

  • We will no longer be photocopying newsletters, most forms, schedules, etc., coming from our MAIN OFFICE. Occasionally, we may need to send information home via a paper handout, but it is our goal to get as much done via electronic communication. If hard copies are sent home with students, they will be ONE per family and will go home with the youngest child in the family. Please contact our school office if this poses a problem for your family.

Preschool Screening Information

RTSD26 will offer preschool screenings to all District 3 and 4 year olds suspected of having a developmental delay. In addition, we will also be screening students to see if they are eligible for the ECDEC preschool program and our Bilingual Spanish Preschool program. To be eligible for these programs, families must meet specific criteria, such as speaking a second language in the home, income level, or other criteria that can be explained to you at the screening.

If you are concerned that your child has a delay in vision, hearing, motor, speech, language, cognition and/or social functioning, call 224- 612-7308 to set up a screening time. All screenings are done by appointment only and take place at Parkview. Screenings are held on Thursdays and are once a month through April.

If you are unsure if your child is developing appropriately, please consult with your child's preschool teacher or pediatrician for advice. The Center for Disease Control offers the following information: http://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/actearly/milestones/index.html

Your child must be at least 3 years old at the time of screening. Screenings are staffed by educational professionals and therapists who will make recommendations for further action to parents. All screenings are at Indian Grove and by appointment only. Translation services are available. To make an appointment in Spanish, please call Mrs. Perez or Mrs. Santiago at 224-612-7402

SCREENING DATES:(2019/2020): 9/12,10/10,11/14, 12/12, 1/16, 2/13, 3/12, 4/19&5/14

Board of Education

Your district’s Board of Education meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month at 7:00 PM. Meetings are held at one of the schools, mostly River Trails Middle School. At one of the semi-monthly meetings, an education report is presented. These reports highlight something special happening in the district.

You are cordially invited to attend, ask questions, and learn about the district. Copies of the Board’s agendas and minutes are posted on the district’s web site at http://www.rtsd26.org. Please contact the Superintendent’s office (847) 297-4120 x 7301 for information concerning Board meetings.

If you want a Board member to contact you, please call the Superintendent’s office and leave your name and telephone number. A Board member will return your call.

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