Medicinal chEmist

Science tech

Job duties- discover new concepts and laws about matter and the universe

Discovering new drugs to treat diseases

Improve the manufacturing process of existing drugs

Learn biology

Computer aided design

Work Enviroment -Labs&offices

Days&hours worked- 9-5 ,m-f

Starting salary and salary range w/ experience- 55$ per hour - 56000-117000$

Benefits- you get to help many people and you make alot of money

Edu required- masters and ph.d

Personalitiy traits-Patience,responsibility ,teamwork, self discipline , precise on time

Advice-just search

Positive aspects- you'll be very smart,you'll make good money,and if you do drugs you can make them better

Negative aspects- it takes time to become a chemist

If you mess up the drug you made could kill someone